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Because you just enrolled in Tarot BuJo Boocamp, I want to give you a $210 discount on the opportunity to learn to access your own divine wisdom and confidently deliver powerful, detail-rich, readings in my flagship programme, Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master!

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Upgrade your order now to gain instant access for just 7 monthly payments of $67 $37 and SAVE $210 on the enrollment!

The Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master course is for you if:

  • You want to deliver mind-blowingly accurate readings without feeling confused and overwhelmed by the cards.

  • You like being able to ask questions and for feedback in a community of like-minded friends.

  • You’re looking for some accountability, or to make time to get more readings done.

  • You keep putting off starting even though you know this is your destiny!

Here’s what you’ll achieve in the course:

  • You’ll have the tools you need to do put together a unique narrative in every single reading.

  • You’ll finally be able to read for others with skill and confidence.

  • You’ll do many practice readings and submit your very own case study reading for me to personally review and give you feedback on!

  • You’ll have the confidence to go pro!

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Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
I previously felt a little uneasy and thought I had to memorize the meanings for every card and failed miserably. I now feel more confident in my readings! Taking this course helped me understand how to give a full complete reading. Thanks to the this course I was able to give a reading with confidence to someone I didn’t know anything about. Thank you so much for this opportunity! You have greatly helped me learn and understand tarot cards and how to trust my intuition when reading tarot!

I’ll be walking you through how to do this with step by step lessons, downloadable resources and more.

Here's a look at everything you'll get access to:

  • Module 1: Pre-reading Preliminaries - Learn the essential steps to perform before you start any reading!

  • Module 2: Interpreting Individual Cards - Learn how to confidently and intuitively interpret individual cards.

  • Module 3: Tarot Probabilities - Learn how to interpret the balance of a spread by understanding tarot probabilities.

  • Module 4: Tarot Numerology - Learn all about tarot numerology and how to apply it to your readings.

  • Module 5: Tarot Interactions - Learn how the cards interact with each other and how those interactions influence your interpretation.

  • Module 6: Spread Techniques - Learn how to understand a variety of key spread techniques along with examples.

  • Module 7: Putting it all Together - Learn how to complete a reading and do your final assignment.

That’s not all! You also get:

  • Printable lesson notes for every lesson.

  • Fillable worksheets so you can do the work along with the videos.

  • A certificate of completion, digital badge, and opportunity to be listed on Soul Truth Gateway.

  • Access to a private Facebook community.

  • Lifetime access to the course materials.

But wait, there are EVEN MORE goodies included! You also get access to the following two bonuses:

Bonus 1: Psychic Tarot

Learn how to go from tarot reader to psychic, connect to the energy of your querent, and start channelling messages from Spirit in your readings.

Bonus 2: Intro to Dowsing

Learn how to use my other favourite divination tool, a pendulum, and how to incorporate dowsing into your readings. Also get a printable mega-set of my own dowsing charts fit for any situation!

Elena Testimonial Image.png
Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master Student
Before taking the course I felt overwhelmed and unsure if I could learn everything and the meanings of the cards. The course has helped me realise that there is a lot to learn about tarot cards. It is more than just remembering the meanings of the cards. You look at the imagery. The number meanings, color meaning and so much more. The materials are wonderful and very well laid out. It really helps you become more comfortable with the cards and learn to see them in a different way. It's also nice to be able to download the lesson notes so you can read them as well. I loved the course!

Upgrade your order now to gain instant access for just 7 monthly payments of $67 $37 and SAVE $210 on the enrollment!