Hi, I'm Mamta!

I help intuitives unlock their inner wisdom through tarot reading and psychic development.

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How can I help you today? 

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"I want to read tarot intuitively without referring to a book, but I'm drowning in card meanings. Help!"

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"All I can do is recite a bunch of keywords! Can you help me learn how to see the big picture?"

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"I want to develop my intuition but I don't know what to focus on or what kind of intuitive I am"


Ready to Learn from Me? Take One of My Courses!

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Tarot Bujo Bootcamp

Learn how to start a tarot bullet journal for the ultimate way to track your daily draws, readings, tarot study and a whole lot more! Recognise the patterns in the cards and accelerate your tarot reading skills. In this course, I teach you my very own tarot bullet journaling system within 30 days!

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Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master

Put self-doubt and constantly second guessing tarot card meanings behind you, and finally master tarot reading with Tarot Apprentice to Tarot Master! Learn to access your own divine wisdom and confidently deliver powerful, detail-rich, tarot readings in this one-of-a-kind course.

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Feel like you’re alone on your spiritual journey?

You're not alone! Come and meet other souls just like you inside my free Facebook group! This group is a totally safe space to talk about all the woo-woo things that light you up with people that get you!

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