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Develop a personal and intuitive understanding of the card meanings.

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You’re completely drowning in card meanings, keywords, and books

On top of it all you’re not even sure the generic meanings apply to your own deck! 

Ugh! I mean why is it so difficult, right?

  • You know some card meanings and others still stump you.

  • You’re frustrated because you can’t finish a reading without looking up a card meaning in the book.

  • You have difficulty memorising things.

  • You find it hard to relate the card meanings to the images on your deck.

  • You don’t know which one is correct: the generic card meaning or your own intuition.

There are so many different decks out there today that each interpret the card meanings in different ways.

No two decks are the same.

Makes your job feel like a herculean task.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if you could build a deep and personal connection with your own deck, go off-book, and intuitively understand the message?

The solution is: intuitive tarot reading.

The best way to understand tarot is to build your own unique interpretations of the card meanings based on YOUR deck.

One of the first decks I truly bonded with was Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot. At first it was so difficult to use because the card images were not standard Rider Waite Smith. They were based on fairy tale stories.

I had such a hard time relating my deck to the card meanings I was learning through books and free materials.

What changed?

Things changed when I started going by the stories assigned by the deck creator and what my own interpretations were based on the images.

Then, and only then, was I able to actually deliver meaningful readings with this deck.

I’ll teach you to do the same with your deck.

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Are you ready to learn?

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This is not your typical tarot course

I’m not going to go through the card meanings one by one with you. I already have a free video series that does that.

Instead, I want to help you go above and beyond the book by developing your own grimoire of card meanings. A set of meanings that you remember because it speaks to you on an intuitive level.

And not only that, I’ll help you learn how to connect with and immerse yourself in the energy of the deck and each suit.

Learning and working with tarot this way awakens your own intuition and helps you get way more out of the cards than just looking it up in the book.

Are you ready to go from zero to intuitive tarot reader?

Then get ready for 8 days of free lessons bursting with value!

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Here's what we'll cover:


Day 1:
How to choose, cleanse, and connect with your deck on the next level


Day 2:
The major arcana + spirit element meditation


Day 3:
The minor arcana starting with the suit of wands + fire element meditation


Day 4:
The suit of cups + water element meditation


Day 5:
The suit of swords + air element meditation


Day 6:
The suit of pentacles + earth element meditation


Day 7:
Understanding the court cards + court cards exercise


Day 8:
Basic spreads + card combinations exercise

That's not all! You also get:

  • 5 specially created meditations to help you connect with the energy of the major arcana and the four suits.

  • A 43-page personal tarot meanings workbook packed with questions to help you build your own personal library of card meanings.

  • Do-it-yourself printable cheatsheets that you can populate with your own keywords for easy reference.

  • A court cards exercise to help you understand how to interpret court cards

  • A card combo exercise to help you practice combining card meanings for a reading

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Siobhan Johnson
Witch and Owner of
Mamta has written an amazing free course about how to connect tarot with chakras the right way. It's some serious life changing stuff - imagine following a few short steps and completely leveling up your Tarot reading beyond what seems possible. Actually, you don't need to imagine it because you could just take the free course and have that feeling for realsies.

I am writing to you to express immense gratitude for your 8 lesson series on tarot. When I first began actually reading for others, the readings were accurate based on the feedback, but I found to my dismay that I didn't enjoy giving the readings, mostly because I felt like I was just copying and pasting meanings into a template and they felt so dry! I now feel I have to do it another way that is more meaningful both to potential clients and to me. Your course has really jump started me into that new journey!
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Zero To Intuitive Tarot Student

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Zero To Intuitive Tarot Student
Before I started Zero to Intuitive Tarot, I felt that tarot reading was challenging at times. I feel more confident about it now, after having done the course. I loved the course. It’s presented well with lots of helpful tips and ideas!

I’d just like to let you know how much your wonderful site, articles and emails have helped me to transform on my spiritual journey! Please keep up the awesome work - you are truly an inspiration and I’m so grateful :-) I am eternally thankful, and tarot will always be a huge part of my life. It has helped to open my spiritual awareness more than I ever thought possible!
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Zero To Intuitive Tarot Student

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Zero To Intuitive Tarot Student
I used to feel excited about learning tarot, but a bit intimidated. The course has made me feel super excited, more focused, and confident about it. I feel very motivated and happy to work with tarot on a regular basis.
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Hi! I'm Mamta, your Intuitive Tarot & Psychic Development Coach!

My lightworker mission is to help you unlock your inner wisdom and access your soul's truth through intuitive tarot reading and psychic development. My life completely changed for the better once I learned how to connect with my spirit guides and to rely on my intuitive gifts both directly and through divination tools.

I’m honoured and excited to be able to help you do the same on your spiritual journey!

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The value of this course is $47 but I'm giving it away for FREE!

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