Why You Keep Seeing the Number 11:11 and What It Means

Why You Keep Seeing the Number 11-11 and What It Means Soul Truth Gateway

Today's article is a guest blog post written by James Hirlehey of Numerology Sign. I'm excited to feature this wonderful article on my website and to share James’ insightful words with you!

Do you ever notice the same numbers appearing again and again in a short period of time? You call asleep on the couch and wake abruptly, look up at the clock and it is 11:11pm. You go to bed and pick up your book and notice that you are on page 111. You wake up in the morning to a phone call from a family number that has a new number which ends in 1111. Not only do you notice these numbers repeatedly, but you have a feeling in your gut that the coincidence is meaningful.

Numbers carry spiritual meaning. The universe is built according to a divine geometric plan, which is which the same geometric patterns repeatedly appear in the seeming chaos of nature, and mathematics holds as a universal truth. This makes numbers one of the key building blocks of the universe, and much like human DNA, they carry information about the universe and everything within it. Each number vibrates with its own resonance and meaning.

Numerologists study the numbers embedded in the universe, in times, dates, distances and names. The numbers linked with your date of birth and name at birth is one source of personal numbers that hold significant information about you as an individual. As well as fixed numbers like this, there are the number that crop up in our lives unexpectedly, like those described above. These are often referred to as Angel Numbers.

Many belief systems believe that there are spiritual beings, known by many names but sometimes referred to collectively as Angels, that occupy the spiritual plane and work to influence the human world and help us with our lives. Except for those with strong psychic powers, or a deep connection with the spiritual plane, it is incredibly difficult for these Angels to communicate with us as most of us have built up filters around ourselves that block out much of the spiritual plane. One way in which Angels can cut through this interference and send us messages is by drawing our attention to things in the physical plane. Numbers are idea for this as each carries its own message.

Any number that you see repeatedly, and that you feel in your gut is significant, may be an Angel Number, and there are many guides out there to help you decipher its meaning. But many people report seeing the unique combination of 11/11 or 11:11 or even 1111. This article will explore the meaning of this specific number. While number carry a specific meaning, they message that they are trying to communicate to you depends on your specific life and challenges, so look for other clues, such as what the number is associated with when it appears and use your intuition to determine how the appearance of this number relates to you specifically. Visit Numerology Sign for more details on Angel Numbers.

Number 1

The number 11/11 is a concentrated appearance of the number 1, which is the foundational number in Numerology from which all other numbers are made. It represents creation and possibility, and also the connection between the physical and spiritual planes.

When this numbers appears, it is often a reminder to look to the spiritual plane (and that it is looking to you) and to be strong and trust your instincts. It often also represents the start of something new, and a reminder that you have the power of a creator, and that this is your opportunity to create the opportunities and the life that you have in mind.

Master Number 11

When the number 1 is doubled to 11, it becomes one of the master numbers in Numerology (along with 22 and 33) which are more potent than other numbers. The master number 11 symbolises the potential to push the limitation of human experience and embrace higher spiritual perception. It also represents the link between mortal and immortal; human and spiritual; darkness and light, and the freedom of neither being, or needing to see the world as black and white. The master number 11 is also a portal, inviting you to step through and make a transformation, borrowing the creative powers of the number 1 to form the world with your thoughts.

The master number 11 is also linked to Justice in the Tarot deck, which also reminds is that karma is real, and that our actions a have consequences. Again, this reminds us of our own power of creation, with both our actions and thoughts, and often carries the message that the power to solve our problems and change our circumstances sits with us. See more on master numbers

Gateway Number 11/11

Doubled again to 11/11 and this gateway to the spiritual world is intensified, and our ability to tap into the creative powers of the universe intensified. This gateway can open for individuals personally, and also opens for the world at large on 11 November (11/11) and remains open until 11 January (11/1). This period is often referred to as the months of divine trinity.

When experiencing a 11/11 portal, many on the cusp of a spiritual awakening will make significant steps forward in their path to awakening. Others will also find that they have the strength and creativity to make transformational changes in their lives.

If you are seeing 11/11:

  • Pay attention to your thoughts - Just like your actions, your thoughts have creative powers, so make sure you are thinking positively and shaping the world you would like, and not the world you fear.

  • Manifest your true self - Remember that you cannot hide who you are on the spiritual plane, and you need not hide who you are on the physical plane. Focus on knowing yourself, and manifesting that self in all moments.

  • Set your intentions - You have the power to create your world, and you are also responsible for the world that you create. Take that responsibility seriously and don´t leave things that are important to chance. Set intentions and use your creative powers to manifest them.

Twin Flames

The number 11/11 is also associated with the notion of Twin Flames. This is the idea that some souls have been split in two at some point in the past, and work to grow and rediscover the other over multiple lifetimes. Seeing the number 11/11 can be a sign that a Twin Flame is close. This type of sign will be coupled with other signs and messages about a potential Twin Flame, so if you think your sign may refer to a Twin Flame, look for other signs as well.


This article was written by James Hirlehey of Numerology Sign. Numerology Sign is a website that publishes in-depth articles on Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Spirituality, Psychics and Astronomy several times a week.