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4 Tips to Get Greater Depth out of Your Tarot Readings

Do you feel as if you can’t get enough info out of your tarot readings? Like the tarot card meanings don’t really apply and that you’re only able to get shallow information out of your tarot spreads? Tarot reading using storytelling techniques is the way to go here! Learn 4 tips to do exactly that and get more depth out of your readings. Also sign-up for my FREE Tarot Storytelling Masterclass!

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How I Became a Masterful Tarot Reader by Going Beyond Card Meanings

Learning the tarot card meanings is just the beginning. You can become a masterful tarot reader by going beyond individual card meanings and paying attention to tarot storytelling, tarot numerology, the balance of the spread, and intuitive tarot reading. Here’s how I did it. Plus, sign up for my FREE tarot storytelling masterclass!

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