How to Use a Pendulum to Dowse for Answers

How to Use a Pendulum to Dowse for Answers

When I do a reading, there are two things I consider essential in terms of tools and always have with me. Number 1 is my tarot deck. In case you haven’t noticed I’m really big on tarot! And number 2 is my trusty pendulum.

I consider knowing how to dowse with a pendulum to be an essential skill in your arsenal of divination tools.

Why? The reason is simple. Cartomancy – using tarot, oracle, and lenormand cards – is best for in depth, long form, answers. There is a reason why I don’t use tarot or oracle cards for timing questions or any kind of closed question. Because it’s not the right tool for the job. 

What about situations when you just want a straight answer?

Have you resigned yourself to the idea that Spirit will never give you a straight answer? That you’ll never be able to get yes or no answers? That you’ll always find it difficult to know:

  • When something’s gonna happen

  • Whether you should go for X or Y

  • What the percentage chance is that X will happen vs Y

  • Where you should place your new crystal in your house

  • Which new health supplement will solve your problem

Being able to dowse with a pendulum solves all that and will give you these types of answers. In this article I’ll explain how.

But before we get into the specifics on how to get answers using one, I just wanna back up a little bit and talk first about what it is, how it works, and what you can use it for.

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What is a Pendulum and How Does It Work?

A pendulum is basically a weight hanging from a chain or string in such a way that it can move around freely in all directions. You hold it in your hands and think of your question. The pendulum then swings in a certain way in response to your question.

That is basically it in terms of what it is! It will swing one way for yes, another for no, or maybe. If you’re asking it to choose from several options you can write those options down or place it in front of you and it will point to the right one.

What is a pendulum?

How does a pendulum work though? What makes it swing all by itself? It is Spirit that is moving it

How does a pendulum work? The divination funnel

To understand how you first need to know that there are several parts to your consciousness:

  • Conscious mind – The part of your mind that is alert, aware, and is perceiving and thinking about stuff right now!

  • Subconscious mind - Like an iceberg your subconscious is what lurks below the surface and houses your beliefs, memories, emotions, etc. It’s like your storehouse of information or your hard drive.

  • Personal unconscious mind – We’re going deeper here. This holds your primal hopes and fears. It’s your shadow self and also acts as the doorway to your higher self and spirit. You’re not at all consciously aware of this.

  • Higher self – So your higher self is basically you as a soul. This is the bit of you that is connected to the collective, to source, and is the real you. It’s the part of you that knows all and remembers all of your lifetimes.

  • Collective unconscious – This term was coined by Carl Jung and it refers to a form of the unconscious that is shared by all of humanity. Another term for it is the collective consciousness. Going with the tech terminology, it’s like the cloud. Like a spiritual Facebook where everybody’s higher selves live.

  • Source ­ - Beyond our collective consciousness is pure source energy and the larger world of Spirit.

Technically, it’s your subconscious mind that moves the pendulum. It’s not any external force that does the moving. However, Spirit works through you to provide the answer but there are a couple of caveats.

If you’re not in the right frame of mind, for example you’re very emotional about the question and want a certain answer, your subconscious will cloud your judgement and you’ll get an inaccurate answer. You will get the answer you want, not necessarily the truth.

If you get into what I refer to as ‘receptive mode’, a completely detached, calm, and tranquil state of mind you’re tapping into Spirit.

This is essential for accurate answers. It’s the entire reason why my pendulum has been accurate for me, at least 90% of the time.

When you’re in receptive mode, you’re going beyond the ‘subconscious mind’ level and tapping into the collective, your higher self, your spirit guides, and basically a higher truth. This goes for all divination.

Look at the diagram, it’s like a funnel isn’t it? When you practice any form of divination, assuming you’re in receptive mode, the answers move down the funnel from any one of the higher levels. The answers come from Spirit, from your higher self, but flow through you.


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When you practice any form of divination, the answers come from Spirit, from your higher self, but flow through you.

What Is a Pendulum Used For?

Dowsing is a very ancient practice that people have used for thousands of years in order to locate underground sources of water water, oil, or minerals. In the early 1900s some physicians even used pendulum dowsing to locate and diagnose illnesses.

So what about today? What can YOU use your pendulum for? Well, there is actually a huge variety of uses. The applications are honestly endless.

Broadly speaking, you can use your pendulum to:

  • Point to a location – Which part of my aura or which chakra most needs attention right now? Where is the best place to put my brand new amethyst geode in my house? Where are my keys? What is the best place to put the air purifier so that I stop coughing due to pollution? That last one is a real thing I have asked by the way!

  • Select from a list of options – Here is where the options are endless and where dowsing charts come in. You have a chart listing a bunch of options – numbers, time frames, letters, chakras, a list of places you could have been born in a past life, options you’re considering for your major in college, literally anything.

  • Ask yes or no questions ­– Like I said, the pendulum swings one way for yes, another way for no, and you can also programme it for things like maybe, rephrase question, etc. You can ask any kind of yes or no question.

You can ask literally anything you like. Is my Root Chakra balanced? Have I interpreted this card in my tarot reading correctly? What is the percentage chance that this outcome will happen vs that one?

By the way, I love the percentage chance one instead of straight up yes or no. What is the likelihood on a scale of 0-100% that if I do X, Y will actually happen? I use this format a LOT.

The pendulum is the perfect divination tool for any kind of closed questions. You can literally anything you like and get a straight answer!

What Kind of Pendulum Should You Get?

Crystal pendulums are really popular. I’ve owned two of them. The first one I bought from a metaphysical store, choosing one I felt drawn too. It was Amethyst. The second one I bought of Etsy and it was Clear Quartz.

What happened to those two? They broke. I dropped one by mistake and the other one I was not holding it securely and it just flew out of my hand and hit the wall.

So my experience is that crystal pendulums are not durable. I switched to a brass one and I have to say that the weight feels very good in my hands and it is highly responsive! Much more then crystal.

The website I bought from also says that crystals absorb energy which can affect your dowsing results and therefore need to be cleared very regularly.

I use a diamond brass pendulum. Honestly, I’m getting a much better accuracy rate now with brass and I wouldn’t go back. Plus, it’s durable! So it will survive my occasional clumsiness.

How to Hold and Programme Your Pendulum on First Use

How to hold a pendulum

Hold the pendulum string between your thumb and forefinger. Don’t hold it right at the top where the little ball is! The swing will be too large.

Instead, hold it at a length your find comfortable, just like in the picture. I like to hold mine about 1.5 inches down the length of the chain, so close to the top but not all the way. To give you an idea the chain on the one I own is 8 inches long.

Keep your hand and arm still but try not to be stiff. Let it be steady and relaxed. Be sure to allow the pendulum to move by itself and without you ‘helping it along’. Just let it be it’ll start moving on its own according to your question and intention.

Okay so how to programme it. We want to set the intention that all answers will come from your higher self and Spirit. All you need to do is call upon your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters. Ask them to be present. Then just say in your mind or out loud, and with intention:

“I ask that all answers shall come from my higher self and Spirit at all times unless I say otherwise. I ask that this pendulum be a conduit of Universal Truth and the answers shall be aligned with my highest good and well-being.”

Now hold it as instructed and all you need to do is ask it:

  • Show me what a ‘yes’ looks like.

  • Show me what a ‘no’ looks like.

  • Show me what ‘maybe/unsure’ looks like.

  • Add more if you desire – like ‘rephrase the question’.

  • When you’re done say thank you.

If you need to clear it for any reason you can use the same clearing methods you use for your tarot or oracle deck. Use sage, leave it out in the moonlight, or keep it simple and visualise white light flowing into the pendulum, cleansing and washing it.


Looking to get started using a pendulum? I've got you covered! Get my free dowsing charts to help you get started! The set includes 3 charts: alpabet and numbers, percentages, and timing.

How to Do a Reading Using a Pendulum

The process is quite simple. First of all, try to relax and clear your mind. When your mind is absolutely blank you’re in receptive mode and you’ve created space for Spirit to come through. You’ve put your own human mind aside.

How do you do that? You can meditate, do a little cleansing visualisation, do some grounding, or just take a few deep breaths. The point is to let go of all thoughts and expectations so your own human ego doesn’t cloud the reading.

Even if you programmed it to access your higher self you still need to do this! Your human mind and ego can still get in the way and influence answers if you have very strong feelings about the outcome. That’s why it’s so important to just let it all go and be relaxed.

Before you ask your question it is wise to start by asking:

  • May I ask this question? – Do you have permission from Spirit to ask this?

  • Can I ask this question? – Do you have enough skill and ability to ask this question?

  • Should I ask this question? – Is it in your best interest to be asking this?

If you get a no to any of these don’t ask the question. If yes then continue.

How do you actually ask the question? You can ask out loud but I just say it in my mind.

Then, you can use a pendulum chart to aid you. You hover your pendulum over the centre point of the chart, so the absolute centre of a circle or bottom centre of a semi-circle, and just ask your question. The pendulum will then point to the option on the chart that is your answer.

For example let’s say you have a chart that has time periods on it (which by the way I provide in my free basic dowsing charts among others). Okay so let’s assume you are asking a when question.

When am I likely to hear back from Jane? The pendulum starts swinging and points to 9. 9 what? Days, months, weeks, years? You focus again and it now points to “days”. So you are likely to hear from her in 9 days.

When using a pendulum, it is essential to be very careful with how you word the question. It will answer your question exactly as stated, no more and no less!

Pay Careful Attention To The Wording of Your Question!

There is something very important I need to tell you. You MUST pay careful attention to your question wording!

Assuming you’ve cleared your mind and gone into receptive mode, programmed it right, asked permission before doing the reading, etc, the pendulum will answer you truthfully. However, it answers your question exactly as you worded it! No more and no less!

So let’s say you are house hunting and you ask “will I get my dream house?” and the pendulum says yes. But you were not successful in your home search this time. You think to yourself that your reading was not accurate.

Fast forward to next year and you get your dream home. Think about that. The pendulum was right wasn’t it? You got your dream home eventually.

You didn’t specify a time frame in your question. You asked, “will I get my dream house?” as in ever and not “will I get my dream house this year?”  And what if you buy a house but it’s not your dream house. Then the question should have been “will I purchase a house this year?”.

And if you’re like me you’ll drop the will and just ask “what’s the likelihood that I’ll buy a house this year?” and get a percentage. If the answer is 60% I’ll take those chances but if the answer is 10% then the outlook is bleak.

You see what I mean? Just word your question very carefully.


Looking to get started using a pendulum? I've got you covered! Get my free dowsing charts to help you get started! The set includes 3 charts: alpabet and numbers, percentages, and timing.

How Pendulum Use Sharpens Your Intuition

If you use your pendulum often enough you will start to notice what ‘yes’ feels like, what ‘no’ feels like, what various percentages and directions feel like. That is what happened to me.

In the beginning I relied on charts heavily but now I know what the answers feel like as a direct result of paying attention when the pendulum moves.

In many cases, I don’t even need a physical chart anymore I can just visualise one in my mind and the pendulum will point accordingly. So you know I like percentages. I just visualise a scale from 0% to 100% in my mind, in the shape of a semi-circle, just like in the chart and the pendulum moves according to my mental chart. Answers have been accurate this way.

But do not attempt this as a beginner! Use the charts and get a feel for things as you go! You’ll get better at it the more you use it.

And by the way, I’m making available to you my set of basic dowsing charts, the ones I made for myself, available to you for free. Please do make use of them if you’re all set to start dowsing!