How to Raise Your Consciousness with the Psychic Diet

How to Raise Your Consciousness with the Psychic Diet

So, you're interested in developing your psychic abilities and feel guided to do what you can to raise your consciousness and live in alignment with Spirit. However, you're wondering how, if at all, your lifestyle needs to change to support the new you.

What about food? Can eating the right foods help you in your quest to connect with Spirit and if so what should you eat? Perhaps you've already heard about the so-called high vibration diet but you're confused because of all the disparate sources of information.

I can almost hear you saying it: "Hold on! I just want someone to clearly explain to me how exactly this is gonna help me and what I should be eating".

Well, I'm gonna lay it all out for you. Now would be a good time to grab a cup of tea because we're gonna sit down together and take a detailed look at high vibration foods: what they are and how the high vibration diet works so that you can make an informed choice on what's right for you.

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Spirit operates at a very high frequency. When you’re trying to become a psychic, a medium, or developing your intuitive abilities, you need to raise your own vibration as high as you can to match that of Spirit.

What are High Vibration Foods and How Can it Help with Psychic Development?

The high vibration diet is one way to raise your consciousness and help with overall spiritual development and ascension. See, everything is interconnected and everything is energy.

Some things vibrate at a low frequency (fear, hatred, anger, etc) and some things vibrate at a higher, purer, frequency (associated with love, joy, an abundance of life energy). When we expose ourselves to things that calibrate at a low frequency affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your resting frequency gets dragged down.

Spirit on the other hand - and by Spirit I mean the angels, gods, ascended masters, spirit guides, ancestors, and departed loved ones - operates at a very high frequency. When you're trying to become a psychic, a medium, or just wanting to develop your innate intuitive abilities, you need to raise your own vibration as high as you can to match that of Spirit. That's how you can communicate with your spirit guides. 

That's not to say that you can't communicate with your guides otherwise but the main point here is that the higher your overall vibrational level, the clearer the connection will be. It's like the difference between trying to access a web page with a slow vs a really fast internet connection. When your connection is good you get the downloads faster and that's basically the entire point of this exercise. 

So how does food come into the picture? Well, just as our emotions and external stimuli can play a part in raising or lowering our vibration, so can food. We are what we eat after all!

This, in essence, is what the high vibration diet is all about. You eat foods filled with vibrant life energy and avoid toxins and foods with dead energy.


If you want something on hand that you can refer to download the free printable food chart to help you raise your vibration with food.

Every Living Thing is Interconnected

How does food contain energy? An pie is just a pie, right? What difference does it make what's in it, where it came from, and under what conditions? Wrong! It makes all the difference!

The backster effect is a great example of how living things absorb the energy and intentions around them. Cleve Backster was a specialist in lie detection and interrogation techniques with the CIA. He was especially interested in the use of polygraphs for lie detection. One day, Cleve decided to see what would happen if he hooked up a polygraph machine to a houseplant lying around in his office.

In February 1966, he conducted his experiment. He found that the plant seemingly knew when someone was in the room and reacted accordingly. He tried various things to get a reaction out of it and didn't get much of a result. However, when he pictured burning a leaf, the readings went off the charts! The plant registered a stress response to Cleve's intention to harm it. 

Now, I don't need to tell you about all the abuse that mother earth has to face from humankind every single day. That gets absorbed into the food. Don't you think that a plant that has been loved, well cared for, and grown organically would be existing at a higher vibrational state than one that was not?

And it's not just plants we're talking about here! Everything affects everything. The food that we eat contains the memory, on an energetic level, of the conditions it lived in. The suffering of an animal that was mistreated during its short life would be present in the meat itself. When you eat it, you absorb that energy, and your overall vibrational state is lowered.

The food that we eat contains the memory, on an energetic level, of the conditions it lived in

The Standard American Diet, Over Processed Foods, and Dead Energy

Okay, so we've talked about how external stimuli and human intentions can affect plants. Let's widen this a little and talk about energy and food on a wider level. what you want is to eat things that are full of healthy, vibrant, life energy. What you don't want is food that's basically energetically dead, overprocessed, and stagnant.

Yet this is exactly what most Americans eat! The Standard American Diet consists of high intakes of red and processed meat, fats, sugar, highly refined and junk foods. There is a low intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Don't believe me? Just look at the graphic below.

Source: Standard Process

Source: Standard Process

Shocking isn't it? Given everything we've discussed so far, how do you think those foods feel like on an energetic level? Not great, let me tell you!

When you start working with energy, meditating, and developing your intuition you get much better at being able to pick up on how things feel like on an energetic level. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh foods that have been prepared healthfully and lovingly, those things feel great. A can of coke? Feel like it's dead!

Anyone who knows me knows that since the age of two years old I had an addiction to Coca Cola. Yes, you read it correctly. I'd been drinking coke since I was two. I would literally not eat out at all without it and I had to have it multiple times a week.

When I started trying to connect to my spirit guides one of the first things that came through was ditch the coke! They had me go cold turkey on it and I cannot be happier with my decision. I feel much better and my connection to Spirit has improved ten fold since my coke guzzling days.

You see the closer things are to mother earth, to their original state, the 'happier' the energy of it will feel like and be. The more you process a food, the more you strip it of not only its nutrients but of its life energy. For example, an apple exists at a higher vibrational state that a pack of apple juice from concentrate. Think about it. That's not 100% apple juice! The apples got all the nutrients and goodness processed out of them before they made it into that box and not all of it is even from apples! 

The more you process a food, the more you strip it of not only its nutrients but of its life energy.

As a general rule, I try to avoid highly processed foods. These include things like frozen meals and vegetarian meats. I know that vegetarian meats are so easy to get and include in your diet at a vegetarian but it feels dead to me. Opt for seitan instead or make it yourself if you have the time and inclination. You could even make your own burgers out of beans and pulses. In my personal opinion that's healthier and better for your energetic system.

If you had to choose only one thing to take away from this article then this would be it. Cut out all the highly processed, refined, sugary, unhealthy foods in your diet. They are addicting and you're filling your body with toxins. Spirit is pretty clear on this one, guys. It's better for your both your physical and spiritual health.

The Sattvic Diet: High Vibration Eating According to the Ancients

The Sattvic Diet

Do you think that this is new knowledge, only discovered now? Not at all! The ancients already knew about this thousands of years ago! When it comes to high vibration foods, one need not look farther than the yogis of Ancient India to learn how to do it. 

According to the ancient Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, there are basically three kinds of foods: sattvic foods, rajasic foods, and tamasic foods

The basic idea is that food is essential for the balance of body, mind, and spirit and what we eat drastically affects who we are. The purpose of food is not only to strengthen the body and prolong life but also to purify the mind.

Sattvic foods promote peace, tranquility, and elevation of consciousness while rajasic foods promote passion and aggression, and tamasic foods do not contain any life energy and promote negativity, decay, and disease.

Sattvic Foods: 

  • Nuts, seeds

  • Virgin cold-pressed plant-based oils

  • Whole grains

  • Legumes

  • Superfoods

  • Fresh, non-GMO, organic, fruits and vegetables

  • Fresh, organic, dairy obtained from cows that have a spacious outdoor environment, ample pasture to graze on, are treated with love and care, and are not pregnant. The milk is only allowed to be collected once the calf has had its share!

  • Mild spices

  • Mildly sweet foods that have been sweetened with unrefined, natural, sugars such as raw honey, raw cane sugar, or natural sweeteners such as stevia

  • Herbal teas

Rajasic Foods: 

  • Fresh, organic, fish, poultry and meats

  • Fruits and vegetables that are GMO and non-organic

  • Coffee

  • Spicy foods

  • Salty foods

  • Onions and garlic

  • Eggs

  • Chocolate

Tamasic Foods: 

  • Highly processed, stale meats, or meat coming from inhumanely treated animals

  • UHT milk or milk coming from inhumanely treated animals

  • Alcohol

  • Fast food

  • Deep fried food

  • Old and stale foods

  • Highly processed foods (including mock meats)

  • Frozen foods

  • Fermented foods

  • Refined sugars

  • Aspartame and other non-natural sweeteners

  • Soda

  • Tobacco

Why do you think the ancient's say that old and stale food is tamasic? Because of the lack of life energy in it, duh! Sattvic foods are high vibration, tamasic foods are low in vibration, while rajasic foods are sort of in the middle ground.

The overlap between the Ancient Indian concept of sattvic foods and the moden concept of high vibration foods is not exact. This is especially the case in three main areas:

  • Onions, garlic, and spices: Those things are now considered good for the immune system

  • Dairy: Many would now place dairy in the middle vibration category rather that high vibration since it is an animal prodict.

  • UHT Milk: As a general rule, the less fresh a food is the lower in vibration it is. However, supposing you have a carton of fresh milk but it's factory farmed from abused cows vs organic milk but it's UHT. Which is better? Obviously the UHT milk in this case. The energy of suffering is always lower in vibration. So organic UHT milk would also be another case of middle to low vibration.

  • Fermented Foods: Traditional yogic philosophy does not approve of fermented foods because they are basically old. However, most modern sources agree that fermented foods are good for you, are not low vibration, and should be eaten.

However, other than that the yogis of Ancient India were pretty damn close. Those ancients really knew what they were talking about didn't they?


If you want something on hand that you can refer to download the free printable food chart to help you raise your vibration with food.

Being an Omnivore vs Vegetarian vs Vegan

This is really a hot button issue in the spiritual community and everyone has a very strong opinion about it. I'm not here to judge you or tell you what to do but only to present you with the information I have. 

In terms of spiritual purity and medically as well, a whole foods plant based diet is generally recommended. Veganism differs from vegetarianism in that no animal products are consumed therefore there is no chance at all for animal suffering. Because of these two things, veganism definitely promotes a close connection to spirit provided you're not consuming highly processed foods such as frozen meals or mock meats. 

Can I Eat Meat?

Generally, people are not advised to eat meat because it is said that the fear and suffering of the animal is absorbed into the food and transferred into the person eating it. Not that great for your energy system. 

However, please remember that every person is different. I know of at least two people in my circle that absolutely love animals and the environment but cannot follow veganism because of medical reasons. So what should you do if you have a medical reason for eating meat?

What do the Ancient Indian yogis say about this issue of meat eating? Well, they did not say to never eat it at all! That only goes for stuff in the tamasic, or low vibration, category. Rajasic foods are considered okay as long as you only eat it occasionally and you minimise animal suffering as much as you can. This is a very important point! As much as YOU can. No one but you can decide what approach you're comfortable with.

When I tuned in to Spirit about this they showed me the native american culture. Native Americans give thanks for the life of the animal and honour the animal spirit. Respect of the sacrifice given by animals is inherent in many native and indigenous cultures. There is a certain respect for all denizens of the earth and a need to eat sustainably.

Another example would be the German ethical code for hunters called "Waidgerechtigkeit". The basic rule they follow is this: hunt the weak before the strong and the young before the old. This makes sure that the herd as a whole is least affected. They also show respect to animals they have killed through symbolism by putting a oak, spruce, alder, pine, or fir twigsin it's mouth as a sort of "last bite" symbolising humility before nature.

However, people today are not hunter gatherers. So, if you eat meat either by medical necessity or by only sometimes by choice you can minimise your contribution to animal suffering by choosing ethically sourced and organic. Fish should be sustainably sourced too. Look for the Marine Stewardship Council symbol. I would also further advise that when you consume meat you mentally thank the spirit of the animal. It's a small thing but intention does affect the overall vibration of food. 

You can minimise your contribution to animal suffering by choosing ethically sourced and organic

Can I Eat Dairy?

As regards to dairy, this is a big thing for me because I was born into a Hindu vegetarian family and for a time I struggled with whether I should go vegan or not. Veganism is great because no animals suffer and the energy is pure (so long as you don't eat processed mock meats or old and stale food).

However, I struggled with the whole non-dairy thing and when I tuned in to Spirit about it I was directed to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and the philosophy of Anicient India.

In Hinduism the cow is sacred because it is considered to be a mother figure to mankind on account of its nourishing milk and ancient peoples valued that sacrifice. Here are some things the Bhagavad Gita advises about the treatment of cows:

  • Cows are the mothers of all creatures because with their milk they nourish earthly beans

  • Because of their sacrifice and noursihing capabilities, nothing is superior to cows

  • Cows should not be slaughtered.

  • Cows should always be treated with the utmost care and respect

  • Cows should always be given away accompanied by their calves

  • Cows should be allowed to graze on open pasture as they please and not not be disturbed while doing so.

But dairy is not like that these days, I hear you say. Yes. You are right. Many dairy farms grossly abuse and mistreat their cows and it's pretty disheartening. They forcefully inseminate the cows, keep them in small pens rather than on the open pasture, rip their calves away from them at birth, and more.

However, not all farms abuse their cows. My husband comes from Holland, a country famous for their dairy, and most dairy farms there value their cows. Cows are allowed to graze outside in the summer and if you've ever sat on a Dutch train then the sight of cows grazing on the open field is not unfamiliar to you. 

I am not a dairy farmer so I don't really pretend to know everything about it but I do consume dairy. I only buy organic, free-range, predominantly grass fed milk. It's not perfect but it's better than consuming dairy from highly abused and mistreated cows.

Not only that but I make sure to Google the companies I buy from and look up their policies on animal welfare. It's important to be aware of where your food comes from and the conditions in which it was obtained. If you're okay with it then consume it and if not then find another brand or don't consume it at all. 

High Vibration Diet Food Pyramid

The High Vibration Diet Food Pyramid

The yogis of Ancient India viewed this whole concept of sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic food as sort of like a food pyramid. One end elevates your consciousness to the level of spirit and the other lowers it.This is basically the same when it comes to modern dietary choices.

One should minimise the bad stuff and eat more of the good stuff without necessarily going to extremes.

The Standard American Diet is at the bottom of the scale and I would say, that not even veganism is at the top it's actually raw food. Organic, raw, fruits and vegetables actually contain the most life energy.

Our galaxy is full of life and during my spiritual travels I have received downloads on what life is like on planets that are extremely spiritually evolved. 3D beings are omnivorous while 7D beings lean towards veganism and 12D beings are semi-physical and don't really need to eat much at all. When they do it's raw food that's only been taken with the express consent of the spirit of the organism it comes from.

Does that mean you should eat only raw food or eat only sometimes? Well, no. I have to state here that I do not support breatharianism. It's a medically dangerous practice and simply does not work for us humans. We don't live in 12D! We are dense and physical beings! The ancient yogis agree on this point and would advise moderation.

One should minimise low vibration foods and eat more of the high vibration stuff without necessarily going to extremes.

What about Fluoride?

If you're trying to develop your psychic abilities it's very likely that you've come across a lot of articles about de-calcifying the pineal gland in order to open your third eye. Basically, the theory is that vitamin K is good for this and that fluoride should be avoided because it calcifies the pineal gland. 

You're probably wondering about toothpaste and you're probably thinking: do I really need to switch toothpaste brands?

I can only tell you about my experiences with this and you'll have to decide what's right for you. When trying to develop my psychic abilities I really struggled with toothpaste. Water was fine I drink filtered water or spring water, anyways.

But toothpaste? Fluoride is in nearly every toothpaste. I did try switching to a non-fluoride toothpaste but frankly I did not like the toothpaste as much as my old one and while I did see some results they were too small to justify the switch so I just went back to regular toothpaste.

I brush my teeth with plain old Crest and I have no problems speaking to my spirit guides. I communicate with them every single day and fluoride has not in any way hindered my ascension process or psychic development. Some time ago I asked the /r/psychic subreddit about fluoride and got a mixed response. Some people got great results from cutting out fluoride and some people did not. The point is your mileage may vary.

Take A Balanced Approach

According to Ancient Indian philosophy on high vibration or sattvic foods, if you eat exclusively sattvic and feel like you're floating away then perhaps it's okay to eat some foods in the rajasic category as long as you don't eat it every single day. Sattvic foods are very cooling and yogis in Tibet sometimes do eat rajasic foods for warmth.

I personally tried veganism at one point in my spiritual journey and while it did help me connect to Spirit I am naturally a very spaced out person already. I'm a Pisces what did you expect! I felt like I was floating away and therefore my body needed grounding. So I started eating dairy again and found my balance.

On the other side of the coin is the person who is firmly in the tamasic category. Now, you know that dead energy, tamasic, foods are meant to be avoided at all costs. However, to a person who has spent their whole life in the tamasic or Standard American Diet category rajasic foods are beneficial because they are higher in vibration than what he or she is currently eating.

Similarly, if you have made steps to cut out highly processed, chemical-laden, foods but you want to improve your connection to Spirit you fill your diet with high vibration, sattvic, foods. 

The key point here is to find your own balance.


If you want something on hand that you can refer to download the free printable food chart to help you raise your vibration with food.

Don't Judge Others, Experiment, and Keep a Journal

I've said this again and again in this article and I will say it again. Everyone is different. What works to heal and amplify one person's mind, body, and spirit may not exactly work for another person.

The general idea is the same but the exact approach may be different from person to person. The key takeaway is this: high vibration and low vibration foods are not binary. It's more like a continuum and you get to decide where on that continuum you fall according to what makes your body, mind, and spirit sing.

That's why it's important not to judge anyone and not to make anyone feel bad. Judgement is a form of egotism and it's not exactly a high vibration mentality. If your food is pure and high vibration and yet you find yourself constantly judging and hating on everyone else then the diet part is great but the emotional resonance of pride and judgement will lower your overall vibrational state.

Do what's best for you and let others decide what is best for them. At most you can provide them with information but ultimately everyone must decide for themselves.

What YOU need to do is just try different things out and keep a food journal. Record what dietary change you made and then just note down any spikes in psychic and intuitive impressions you may have and how it makes you feel. Keep what works for you and don't follow what doesn't. It's really that simple.

High vibration and low vibration foods are not binary. It’s more like a continuum and you get to decide where on that continuum you fall according to what makes your body, mind, and spirit sing.

What do Spirit and the Intergalactic Family Want for Us?

When I tune in to spirit regarding what Spirit and the intergalactic council (star beings aligned with source energy that would like to help mankind) would like for us when it comes to our eating habits the message is clear: we are being called to change our relationship with food and our relationship with the earth itself.

There is a strong call to stop abusing mother earth and pillaging her of her resources. The earth is a living being and has a spirit and all living things on it do too. We need to:

  • Start seeing all living beings as our friends and fellow inhabitants of this beautiful green earth rather than resources that should be exploited

  • Live ethically and sustainably

  • Love and honour our animal friends

  • Eat foods that are brimming with life energy and to vitalise our physical and energy bodies

  • Stop filling our body with unhealthy foods and toxins that promote disease and ill-health

When we change our relationship to planet earth, only then can the planet as a whole ascend and we can live in a much better world.

Will you heed the call?