How I Went From No Contact To BFFs With Spirit Guides

How I Went From No Contact to BFFs With Spirit Guides

So you want to connect with your spirit guides, learn more about them, and work with them to lead a more fulfilling life. Problem is that while you’ve read about them you have not yet established a strong connection with yours yet.

And then you see people on the internet, psychics and intuitives, people like me, who are able to communicate with them on a daily basis and you’re like gosh I wish I could do that.

I wish I could have such an amazing connection with my spirit guides. As it stands they don’t even talk to me!

Well you know what? Several years ago, I was you.

I am not someone who grew up in a family of psychics or anyone with special abilities. While I have always been sensitive and there have been weird things that have happened around me, for most of my life I could not perceive guides and angels.

It wasn’t like I just woke up one day, looked around, and was like oh look it’s Archangel Michael! “What up, angel dude?”.  Nope. Not the case.

And now?

Now I can tune in to spirit guides, angels, elementals and elves, dragons, masters, dead people, whatever, any time I like.

I ‘talk’ to my own spirit team almost on a daily basis using a combination of psychic ability, tarot, oracle cards, and my pendulum.

So how does a normal person become besties with spirit guides? How did this thing happen to me? What occurred in my life to make me this way and how can you do it too?

Well, listen up and get yourself a cup of tea because I’ll tell you how.

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The Start of My Journey

When you’re reading a book or watching a movie the story always begins with the hero carrying about their daily life until there is an inciting incident. We get to see how they live and what problems they face. Then, something happens that changes the status quo and sets them on their journey.

For me it all began when I decided to pick up tarot again. I had a deck from a long time ago that I never connected with. I went into a fantasy store that sold books, games, and RPG stuff and for some weird reason they also had a few tarot decks. There I picked up Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot.

I went about things after that much as you do. I read the little white book, I did a few readings for myself and some friends, I watched YouTube videos on tarot and bought a book or two.

From there I started to learn about chakras and the concept of a lightworker. I was highly intrigued and had a general desire to improve my intuition.

So I bought a book that changed things for me. That book was Doreen Virtue’s The Lightworker’s Way (this was way before she renounced her beliefs and teachings). I found it so fascinating to her about her journey and story.

The main thing that stuck with me from that book that really turned things around for me was this. She said that if you want to develop your intuition and psychic ability you must clear your chakras morning and night, every day, for 30 days.

If you want to develop your intuition and psychic abilities you need to clear your chakras every single day. Clean chakras ensure a good connection with Spirit.


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Clearing Chakras for Intuition and Well-being

I took her advice to heart. I read about the 7 chakras and decided I was going to try this thing out. I was going to try to clear them out every day and see what happens.

I actually didn’t manage to do it morning AND night for 30 days in a row but I did it right before bed as many times in the week as I could manage.

I didn’t know anything about meditation and I was a little wary about it so I didn’t start out with audio only tracks or anything like that. I tried one of Doreen Virtue’s guided chakra meditations and then found others on YouTube I liked.

All you do is find a guided chakra clearing meditation on YouTube and listen to it. I used to pick short ones, preferably 15 minutes, but no longer than 25, and listen to it as soon as I got into bed. When the track was over I just pulled off my earbuds and went off to sleep.

Nothing dramatic happened and this stage. It felt very relaxing to do those meditations and I experienced an overall sense of well-being.

I did also feel tingling in the parts of my body where the chakras are, especially in the third eye area. I took it to mean that it’s working. I also experienced more vivid dreams.

I have always had vivid dreams and an active dreamscape but what I had was intensified. I even had a very distressing dream where it was like someone was trying to enter my dream and I felt it was wrong so I held out my hand, yelled “No!” and shot out a blast of white light that sent the spirit away.

I say spirit because I woke up and I knew that was no ordinary dream. After that I started the practice of protecting myself with white light.

Spirit guides can’t violate your free will. That’s why you need to ASK for help and when you do, get out of your own way. Let go and let Spirit handle it.

Letting Go And Letting Spirit Help

Alongside all this, I was very dissatisfied with the way my life was progressing. When you’re in your late teens and early twenties you make decisions based on what society tells you to do. I did that and it sucked for me.

I hated my job and I lived for the weekend. Work was like the thing I was forced to do, forced to bear, in order to be near my now husband. I needed the job for the visa so I forced myself to accept any old office job.

At first I thought it was just the field so I tried changing teams and I tried changing fields to no avail. I felt sad, bored, and underappreciated. I even started applying for new jobs again but kept getting rejected.

The longer it went the sadder I got. Something was fundamentally wrong.

At the same time all I ever wanted was to have my happily ever after with my boyfriend and it just seemed like it was one thing after another.

I just couldn’t take it any more. Why wasn’t everything okay? I just wanted things to be okay. So I broke down, I just wept and wept, put my hands together in prayer and I asked the universe to help me.

I let go and I just said do what you have to do but fix it.

As soon as I said that I got an impression in my mind of my mother’s deceased spiritual teacher. No idea why his spirit showed himself to me then but I took it to mean that at least someone is watching.

The point is, I asked for help and I got out of my own way. I demonstrated a willingness to be led by Spirit.

There are clues and signs from your spirit guides everywhere you look. You just need to keep your eyes peeled.

Starting to Trust My Intuition

After this I watched for signs and where before there was nothing, now there were clues everywhere. I kept getting signals that I should return to my home country and get into business. Do something of my own.

I felt it in my gut, I read my tarot cards and they affirmed the message, and I saw clues and pointers everywhere that urged me to do that.

It felt like the right decision but for me, it was a totally crazy idea. I worked so hard to get this visa and be around my boyfriend how could I leave the country? (Spoiler alert: I married him so it works out in the end)

At the time I thought I was meant to get into jewellery design because he was interested in gemstones back then I liked creative stuff.  I was wrong of course, jewellery design wasn’t going to be my platform, it was just a stepping stone in my journey. It was the thing Spirit used to get me to come here.

It was a completely crazy decision, but I took the helping hand Spirit offered me and accepted their proposed option.

I trusted Spirit and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be an intuitive tarot reader and psychic medium. I wouldn’t have this site and be teaching you.

I know you’re waiting for the part where I start seeing guides but that’s not how it begins. In the beginning you just learn to develop your intuition, trust the signs, and follow the breadcrumb trail left to you by Spirit.

How spirit guides work is that they never give you the whole entire answer. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Instead, they offer you a trail of breadcrumbs. Your job is to follow that trail crumb by single crumb wherever it goes.

Following the Breadcrumb Trail

How spirit guides work is that they never give you the whole entire answer. That would be too easy wouldn’t it?

No, they instead offer you a breadcrumb trail. They send you signs, impressions, instructions, that point you towards the next step in your journey. If you’re lucky they let you see two steps ahead but never more than that.

Your job is to follow that breadcrumb trail crumb by crumb, clue by clue, never knowing exactly where Spirit is leading you but trusting all the same.

It’s really frustrating because you may not even be able to see them or communicate with them directly but you’re running on faith. You have no idea where you are going exactly and whether things will work out but one by one each step does.

So the next stage after accepting that initial helping hand from Spirit is looking out for signs and following that trail.

At this time I also started to learn more about Spirit and started following psychic mediums on YouTube. One of them talked about automatic writing.

You open a notepad file and start typing whatever is in your mind. At first it may not mean anything but then you start typing in the voice of your spirit guides.

That is what happened to me. I kept working on my chakras, began to read about the angels, and thought so myself why not try automatic writing?

I opened up notepad on my computer and started typing. I started practicing automatic writing. Eventually I typed something along the lines of “This is Archangel Raphael. You need to cut out sugar” and then something about “GI diet”.

I was having skin problems at that time so I Googled it and as it turns out if you’re eating a highly inflammatory diet it can cause skin problems. Sugar is inflammatory to the gut, or GI tract. I then searched for and found out about the low-GI diet.

Obviously I was supposed to start following this low-GI diet. So I did that (along with a bunch of other things they pointed me to) and the situation improved.

I ended up cleaning up my old diet, and started to follow a higher vibration diet. Refined sugar really lowers your vibration in addition to being just bad for you overall.

This is a great example of following the breadcrumb trail and in doing so starting to build that trust with your guides.

There is a purpose for everything here. Cleaning my chakras and following a high vibration diet, these are all things that raise your vibration.

Your level of vibration and your energy body is like a window pane. Without maintenance it will become dirty. How are you going to look out of a dirty window? You won’t be able to perceive your guides that way.

The purpose of following this particular breadcrumb was to further clean up my energy field to prepare me for contact.

Your level of vibration and your energy body is like a window pane. Without maintenance it will become dirty. How are you going to look out of a dirty window? You won’t be able to perceive your guides that way.


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Receiving Validation

Sometimes we continue on our path, following the breadcrumb trail diligently, but we are still filled with so much fear and uncertainty about where it is we are going, whether we’re getting the message right, and if everything will work out.

I felt that way too and that was when I discovered the metaphysical shop where I would eventually start working.

I felt confused and uncertain about jewellery design and I actually passed by the metaphysical store three times before deciding to enter. There was something that kept drawing me back to that spot and now I know that something was my Spirit guides.

I went in and requested a reading. When you’re just starting out you’re not so confident in your own connection and that’s when Spirit will send you to a psychic, intuitive, or tarot reader.

This is what happened to me. That day I met my mentor and I believe this was the entire reason my guides had me come back to my home country. This reading and this meeting had to take place.

I went for the reading with her and it was so mind-blowingly accurate, way more than my abilities at that time (I was relying on the generic tarot card meanings). She even told me that she saw Archangel Michael around me.

That gave my chills because I had been reading about angels and I kept going back to Archangel Michael (who is now my angel bestie and main spirit guide). I kept getting the word “Michael” in my head in the weeks before this reading.

Not only that but she described my mother’s spiritual teacher accurately too and brought up some other things that were very validating. She also told me that my destiny was to work in the spiritual industry.

And it wasn’t just her. Another psychic a few months later said the same thing that I had strong mediumship and healing capabilities.

Sometimes you doubt your own abilities and path. You know the answer and you have been in contact with spirit but you just need a third person to validate it for you.

Sometimes we continue on our path, following our intuition diligently, but we are still filled with so much fear and uncertainty about where we’re going. Everything will become clear to you with time. Just trust that Spirit is leading you to the right place.

Learning How To Develop My Intuitive Skills

That was a turning point for me. I knew that they were right about my gifts, especially because I also knew that I was a starseed already. I accepted my path and began to learn in earnest.

I learned intuitive tarot reading, I practiced a lot, I read a lot of books and through intuitive tarot reading I felt my own connection to spirit really get stronger.

This whole process just skyrocketed my abilities. I could perceive my guides clearly with my third eye now. My clairaudience sharpened as well. It’s like a knife in that you need to work on it to get sharp and I did that through practice.

A Dream Visitation From A Dead Relative

So I was told that I had mediumship capabilities. I kind of filed that information away somewhere in my mind and just continued to work on spirituality on the side.

The thing that changed that and pushed me into truly accepting that I really am a psychic medium is the death of my cousin.

A couple of years ago she died of suicide. It was very sudden and no one saw it coming. It happened the day after my birthday that year and I remember us all feeling shocked and numb. I booked a flight to go visit her family asap.

While I was sitting in the airport I thought back to those books and videos I read about what happens when people die of suicide. About how there is a danger of being in a dark place because of the depressive state of mind at time of death, or becoming an earth-bound spirit due to unfinished business.

So as I was waiting to board I did a short meditation and saw her with my third eye standing in a dark black place. I visualised my higher self there and opened a portal of light. On the other side of the portal I saw my dead grandfather waiting to receive her.

I sent her love and light and told her to go and it would be alright. She went in and was gone.

Then, three days after her death, I had a dream. It was unlike any other dream I ever had. At first it was a random dream about normal stuff and then it was like the whole dream just paused. My cousin appeared before me.

She looked so very hyper real. She was filled with light and her eyes were bright and glowing. I was utterly shocked and I was so confused about why she was there. She was supposed to be dead, right? I can’t lucid dream so to me it was like carrying on my day when suddenly there’s my dead cousin.

I touched her arm and actually felt the flesh beneath my fingers. I said to her, feeling confused, “Are you alive? Are you alive?” and she said “No. Tell them I’m okay” and then I woke up. I sat bolt upright and immediately passed on the message.

Pay attention to your dreams, especially the ones that seem hyper-real and different from your normal ones. That’s what it feels like to get a dream visitation from a deceased relative, spirit guide, or any higher being.

Finally Accepting My Path And Becoming A Psychic Medium.

This visitation left no doubt in my mind that I do have mediumship capabilities. Not long after, I took a course in mediumship.

I did a lot of free intuitive tarot readings on Reddit and they came out accurate. They went well and made me feel confident.

I then started to read professionally as well at the same metaphysical shop where I had my initial reading.

At first I doubted myself, my intuitive impressions, and whether I was getting the message right but I thought let’s just try. Just ask the client if it means something to them and see what they say. So I did and it turned out accurate.

Every accurate reading boosted my confidence in my abilities and helped me to confidently develop my personal reading style.

I also did masses and masses of research into starseeds and my own soul origin. I started the practice of sending a cord down into the earth and up into the heart of the galaxy. I started my ascension process (complete with wild spiritual awakening symptoms).

I then started to get a lot of visitations and psychic downloads from angels and my elven starseed guides. I uncovered my purpose for incarnating on earth, my starseed mission, and I know that there is a lot I have to say and can teach you.

I accepted my mission and here I am in front of you, sharing my story.

How You Can Do It Too

5 Steps To Becoming BFFs with Spirit Guides

This whole process took a couple of years to complete but if I were to go back and give myself some advice, to speed up the process, I would say this:

  1. Learn about chakras and work on them daily. Work on getting your energy system crystal clear because that is the foundation from which you can begin to access the world of Spirit. It is the first step.

  2. Start noticing the signs and messages around you – repetitive numbers, thoughts, animals, symbols in cards, etc. Learn to decipher those messages.

  3. Once you have done that, follow the breadcrumb trail! Whatever the message is telling you to do, DO IT!

  4. Don’t lose hope and trust that you are on the right track even if you can’t see the end point.

  5. Keep learning, read as much as you can, and absorb everything from spiritual teachers you connect with.

  6. Keep working on your abilities. Practice as much as you can and you’ll get there.

I hope that in reading my story and journey you have found some comfort and clarity on your own path.

That feeling you get when you have enough validation to accept your soul’s truth and accept the reality of the Spirit world is irreplaceable.

It’s the feeling of calmness, clarity, and a sense of purpose you have when you know it’s not just a belief it’s stone cold real.

You will get there.


Want to connect to your spirit guides but don't know how? Download the Connect to Your Guides Checklist to help you figure out what strategy you're going to use to connect to your guides and record your results!