How I Developed My Psychic Abilities with Intuitive Tarot Reading

 How I Developed My Psychic Abilities with Intuitive Tarot Reading

Do you remember the first time you got a tarot reading? The first time you discovered tarot and how accurate and amazing the insights could be. Sometimes it seems like other tarot readers get these amazing insights that seem to go way beyond the card meanings themselves. Insights that are so dead on about what's going on in your life right now.

Let me let you in on a secret. You don't have to be a third generation psychic to connect with your spirit guides through tarot or get clear and relevant insight! Sure there are some who were born into a family of psychics and that's great. But I wasn't! This was something I developed and I worked at.

Tarot not only helped me get my life back on track but the process of learning intuitive tarot reading and connecting psychic development to the tarot actually helped me spiritually awaken. I would have never found my life purpose if it weren't for tarot and it would have been years before I even attempted to make contact with my spirit guides.

When I first started with tarot I was at a time in my life where I felt out of alignment with my true self. I felt like my life was like a video that just wouldn't load. During this time of 'quarter life crisis' I found tarot. As I learned how to read tarot I suddenly had this resource that actually gave me answers! I didn't know what to do, how to make things better, and step by step tarot pointed the way.

Not only that, but I was soon guided to look into chakras and psychic development and as I followed that guidance I found that for some reason I was able to get more out of my tarot readings. I learned how to connect to my cards on a deep, personal, level and then when I did my tarot readings I started to hear words and see angels in my mind's eye.

As a result of this process, my readings became so much more accurate and insightful. If I can do it then you can too! Through my story I want to show you how.

You don’t have to be a third generation psychic to connect with your spirit guides through tarot or get clear and relevant insight. Anyone can do it!

Everyone Starts Off Reading From The Little White Book

I've been interested in tarot since I was a teenager. However, my very first tarot deck was not one that I connected with it and so I just left it in a box for years. Fast forward to years later and I picked up the first deck I really connected.

I picked it up and started reading for myself with the help of the little white book. Sound familiar? I'm sure most people who get into tarot did the same with their first deck. 

I did readings with that deck and connected with the stories and the messages coming through. Soon, I started watching tarot videos on YouTube and I bought a book on Tarot. I started learning the traditional meanings. I got better with the book meanings but in my own readings for myself the answers I was generating were definitely illuminating and helpful, no doubt, but quite general nonetheless.

To go from tarot amateur to intuitive tarot master it takes practice, as well as inner spiritual work. When I met my first psychic tarot reader, I learned how much of a difference that inner self development can make in one's readings and how to do it.



Wanna start developing your psychic abilities with tarot? Follow my process step-by-step with the checklist!

My First Experience With Psychic Tarot

Everything changed for me when I visited my first psychic tarot reader. I had passed by a metaphysical shop in my city, and the first time I saw it, I didn't enter. I saw they did tarot readings but I actually passed by that place three times before I entered the store. Something about it just wasn't letting me go and I now know that it was my spirit guides repeatedly trying to get me to enter the shop.

I went in and I saw they did psychic tarot readings. Psychic tarot? I wonder what that's like? I booked a reading.

That hour I spent in there totally changed my perception of what tarot could be. The first thing I noticed she did that was different was she seemed to be praying for a few moments before the reading. Then, as she shuffled the cards, she told me things about myself that she couldn't have known. Things about my family circumstances and upbringing.

At this point, I had been drawn to Archangel Michael and had read about him a bit but I never told anyone about it. Yet here she was telling me she could see Archangel Michael around me! I was so totally floored. How was that possible?

During the reading itself she did a celtic cross spread but what she told me about myself and my situation went beyond what I thought was possible to get from the cards. She told me things that just felt so right, as if it was something I knew on a deep level all along. 

Not only did I walk away feeling reassured that spirit guides were real, that Archangel Michael was with me, and that there was a reason why things were happening to me, I felt deeply healed and confident about how to go forward.

I saw first hand how powerful of a healing tool that tarot could be and I wanted to be able to do that too. I wanted to be able to read for myself and others with the same level of insight and accuracy. I wanted to heal myself and others on a powerful level too.

Let me tell you how I got there and how you can too.

 How to connect with your tarot deck

How To Connect With A Tarot Deck

It wasn't long before I signed up for mentoring and I learned a completely new way of connecting to one's tarot deck.

The first thing I was told was that my deck felt 'cold', unloved, and unused. I needed to connect to my deck and infuse it with my own energy.

I did know that connecting with one's deck meant spending time with it, using it, and looking through all the cards but I hadn't given much thought to the energy side of things.

Here are some exercises I did, that you can do too, to connect with your tarot deck today

Meditate With Your Deck

In order to really connect with your deck on a deep level, one needs to meditate with it.

Meditate with a tarot deck? That's new! However, it does work. This one thing completely changed the way I related to my deck. 

  • Go through the cards in your deck and just spent time looking at the images and describe what you see, what you know of the meanings.
  • Now, hold your deck in your hand and close your eyes as you listen to a meditation track. Any one from YouTube will do but I recommend you find one aimed at enhancing intuitive abilities. It should be sounds only and not a guided meditation. All you have to do is lie down or sit in a comfortable position and hold the deck as you listen for 10 minutes.
  • Okay, now go through the cards in your deck again. Do you find yourself noticing more details in the images? Try doing a reading with them. Can you get more information from the cards?

The first time I did this I found myself really being able to notice more details from and getting more information from the very same cards!

Try it and let me know your results!

Keep Your Deck Around You

This next tip helps you to connect with a new deck or one you have not used before. Tarot decks are like people. Each one has a different personality and you need to get to know the deck. Would you expect a stranger to reveal their deepest secrets to you? No, right? Well, tarot is the same way. The more time you spend with it and the more you get to know it, the more forthcoming the deck will be.

Here's a tip that will help you do this. After meditating with a deck for the first time take it with you everywhere you go for three consecutive days. Put it in your purse and take it to work, keep it on your nightstand as you sleep, and just make sure that it's in your aura. 

After doing this you should find that your deck feels warmer and friendlier than when it was brand new. It sounds really weird to personify a deck of cards like that but it's the only way I can describe what a deck that you've connected with feels like. It feels like a friend not a stranger.

Tarot decks are like people. Each one has a different personality. The more time you spend with it, the more forthcoming the deck will be.

Use Your Deck Often and Start Doing Daily Draws

Remember what I said about getting to know a deck first before expecting it to reveal its secrets to you? That means you should start doing daily draws and start reading for yourself (or friends and family) more often. I used to only take out my deck when I had an important question to ask. Doing daily draws really changed my relationship with my tarot deck.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose a time of day that suits you for your daily tarot practice and stick to it every day. I recommend mornings.
  • Shuffle the deck and ask the cards something along the lines of "what will this day bring forth for me?"
  • Drawn your card and note it down in your notebook. You can also note down keywords relating to that card.
  • Go about your day as normal and by the end of the day take our your notebook and reflect upon the card that you drew. How was the card meaning reflected in your day?

Tarot and the Chakras

The next step relates to tarot and the chakras. Before my mentorship with the psychic tarot reader, I knew about chakras and I had already begun a practice of clearing my chakras through guided meditations infrequently. However, I learned a new way of relating the tarot with the chakras that completely changed my relationship with my deck and opened me up to a new way of being that really took my readings to the next level. I'm gonna share with you this secret right now.

 Tarot and the chakras 

The trick is to meditate with the major arcana and each suit as you are learning tarot. I'm not talking about any old calming meditation. I'm talking about chakra balancing meditations.

Each suit can be related to one or more chakras and by meditating with each suit separately according to the appropriate chakra, you connect energetically to the essence of that suit.

    Here are the correspondences that I was taught:

    • Major Arcana: Third eye and crown chakras
    • Swords: Throat chakra
    • Cups: Heart chakra
    • Wands: Solar plexus and sacral chakras
    • Pentacles: Root chakra

    The process is exactly the same as the general getting to know your deck meditation:

    • Just hold the suit and listen to the appropriate meditation track. It should not be a guided meditation but sounds only.
    • You may feel a tingling sensation or pressure at the location of the chakra you're working on. That's normal. Just let your mind wander where it will.
    • After the meditation lay out all the cards from the suit you were working on and look at the cards and take notes. Do you find yourself noticing more details about each card?

    It's such a small and simple thing to do but the before and is insane! After I did this for the first time I felt so connected to each suit, as if I understood what they were about, energetically, on a much deeper level that before. 

    Connecting to your deck as a whole and each suit individually on a deep and personal level is really the first step to becoming that tarot reader that can give razor sharp insights.


    Wanna start developing your psychic abilities with tarot? Follow my process step-by-step with the checklist!

    Starting A Daily Meditation Practice

    The most important thing to develop your intuitive and psychic side is sitting for 10-15 minutes a day in meditation. Just sit in the stillness. There are so many different ways you can do this.

    You can:

    • Listen to a meditation track on YouTube
    • Do a visualisation
    • Focus on your breathing
    • Sit in quiet contemplation
    • Take a walk in nature.

    All you need to do to develop your psychic abilities and change the way you read tarot is simply start a daily meditation practice and make sure to do it before every single reading. 

    This simple practice changed my tarot readings completely. I now started noticing more things in the cards, a symbol in the image that would draw my eye. I sometimes heard words in my mind while doing a reading. 

    The point is when you're sitting in the stillness you're creating a sacred space where you can really start to hear the voice of your own soul. Your energy starts vibrating at a higher frequency. You see, spirit guides vibrate at a very high level. Humans normally vibrate at quite a low level. In order to communicate you sit in the stillness in order to raise your vibration enough to make contact.

    The way it develops is that you'll start off by getting more intuitive impressions, more "gut feelings" so to speak. We've all had moments where we have a gut feeling about something, ignore it, and then later mentally kick ourselves for not following the advice. I knew it! I just knew it! We say to ourselves.

    Do yourselves a favour here. When you get a gut feeling during a reading, just go with it. Your intuition is the doorway to your own higher wisdom and it is rarely wrong.

    All you need to do to develop your psychic abilities and change the way you read tarot is simply start a daily meditation practice and make sure to do it before every single reading. 

    Tarot and Spirit Guides

    Connecting to my deck and meditating helped me to become an intuitive tarot reader. Whenever I did a reading I read the cards traditionally, sure, but I also paid attention to any feelings or impressions I got during the reading. Communicating with spirit guides is on another level entirely.

    Some people may assume that in order to do this, you mustn't use any tools. You must rely 100% on your psychic impressions to effectively communicate with spirit guides. While this is certainly the case for a lot of people, I like tarot and I see tarot and oracle decks as fantastic tools with which to communicate with the spirit realm!

    Spirit already has such a difficult time getting through to us humans. By combining tarot and oracle reading with psychic impressions you create the perfect combination of tools at your disposal to give an awesome and life changing reading.

    Invoking Spirit Guides Before A Reading

    So how exactly does this work? What is my process? It's pretty simple really:

    • First, take 10 minutes before starting a reading to do your meditation practice. Sit in the stillness and create your space.
    • You can also keep amethyst crystals, or others associated with the higher chakras, around you to aid in being open to messages from your guides.
    • Now, just mentally ask your spirit guides to come closer and ask them to help you with your reading. This is very personal so I'm not going to provide an invocation here. Just call upon whichever angel, deity, ascended master, elemental, star beings, or any other light beings you feel drawn to.
    • Then, pick up your cards, shuffle, and ask your question as normal.

    By combining tarot with psychic impressions you create the perfect combination of tools at your disposal to give an awesome and life changing reading.

    How Spirit Uses Tarot To Communicate

    You should be seeing a marked difference in your readings from before you started this practice to after. I certainly did. When I first started doing readings for other people I just read the cards in the traditional sense. I didn't feel confident enough to try out this technique. When I did though, things were different.

    The cards themselves were wise and accurate as usual but I started to suddenly see in my mind's eye spirit guides standing behind the other person. When I did it for myself I would see my own guide, mostly Archangel Michael, standing before me.

    The way they communicate with you during a tarot reading is two fold: through your psychic channels, your four clairs, and through symbols and patterns in the cards.

    Tarot and the Clairs

    The first way is through your clairs, your innate psychic channels of communication. These are:

    • Clairvoyance: This involves seeing images in your mind's eye
    • Clairaudience: Hearing words or phrases in your mind
    • Clairsentience: Experiencing emotions or sensations
    • Claircognizance: Just having a sense of knowing about something

    What you will experience entirely depends on your strength.

    • Are you a visual and imaginative person? You may be clairvoyant.
    • Do you listen to a lot of music and learn by listening? You may be clairaudient.
    • Are you a very emotional or tactile person? You may be clairsentient.
    • Do you prefer to learn by reading and consider yourself an intellectual? You may be claircognizant.

    A person can definitely be more than one! 

    I am primarily clairvoyant and clairaudient so when I do a reading this way, I see the guides and hear words or phrases in my mind as I am conducting a reading. So, I read the tarot cards as normal but if I'm doing a reading for myself, my guides usually interject with extra information pertaining to my question.

    This would be being shown a scene in my head like a short video clip or just hearing words relating to the cards that help me interpret them better. This helps me get more out of my readings. 

    Try it out for yourself and see what your strengths are.

    Spirit communicates with us through the four clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Everyone has a different strength and it’s possible to have more than one!

    Patterns in the Cards

    There are other ways they love to communicate with you through tarot. These are:

    • Repeating numbers: For some reason spirit guides just love communicating through recurring numbers. I feel like, for some reason, numbers are the easiest thing for them to influence so if you see any number, on any card, repeating more than once, it definitely means something!
    • Symbols: Symbols are a great way for them to communicate with us because they mean something subconsciously. If your eye keeps getting drawn to some symbol in one or more of the cards then it definitely has a meaning. What that meaning is depends on what that symbol means to you.
    • Pattens in the Spread: This could be a dominance of one suit or certain cards that seem to be pointing to another one. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box, outside of the predefined spread positions, and tell the story you see in the cards as a whole.
    • The Answer Doesn't Always Relate to the Question: This is a huge one! I ask about one thing and I get cards that seem to be talking about something else. Let me tell you that this is highly confusing to a tarot reader when the cards do not answer the question you ask. Sometimes the answer you get is the one your guides most want you to know. That's why it's so important to trust your gut during the reading because it makes your flexible enough to pick up on the real message.
    • Stalker Cards: This is when a particular card appears again and again in your daily draws or in various readings. You just see the same card multiple times. It can be very disconcerting, almost as if your guides are messing with you. They're not. They just really really want to make sure that you're getting the message that you need to know. So, the next time you get a stalker card pay attention to it's meaning and try to relate to what the message could be for you in relation to your own life.

    Tarot is a magnificent tool not only for predictive answers but for daily reflection and it helps you to get in touch with the voice of your own soul.


    Wanna start developing your psychic abilities with tarot? Follow my process step-by-step with the checklist!

    Tarot Accelerates Spiritual Development

    If you meditate daily, read tarot this way, and therefore communicate with your guides very often, you will kick start your spiritual awakening process. Tarot is a magnificent tool not only for predictive answers but for daily reflection and it helps you to get in touch with the voice of your own soul.

    Once you hear it you will never be the same and you'll be guided towards your soul's purpose. Why? Because that's what spirit guides are all about! Helping you with your mission on earth, your life task, and helping you ascend.

    Tarot is one of the ways that you can use to get there, step by step. If I can do it then you can too!