9 Strategies to Cope with Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

9 Strategies to Cope with Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

When you're going through acsension or spiritual awakening it's common to experience a boatload of horrible spiritual awakenings symptoms that leave you wondering what is happening to you and how to cope with it.

Is this you?

  • You feel as if something has changed at the very core of your being

  • You get random energy highs and lows, aches and pains

  • You have trouble sleeping

  • You're getting intense dreams and psychic downloads

  • Synchronicities and recurring number sequences are happening all around you

  • You've becoming highly sensitive to the energy in other people, things, and media

  • You no longer fit in with your old friend circle

And the list goes on...

Today I'm going to give you 9 tips and strategies that you can use to get through this process. Why? Because ascension is hard. It's less like a walk in the park and more like being hit in the face with a giant stick.

It can sometimes feel like everything is changing and you don't understand what for and what to do about it. People currently in your life may not understand what you're going through or believe you at all. You're confused, and at times wonder if you're crazy.

Well, you're not crazy.  I get it, I've been there, right in the thick of it. I want to share with you what I wish I knew when this first started happening to me.  

Let's get started! 

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Acsension is less like a walk in the park and more like getting hit in the face with a giant stick.

Physical Discomfort

The first category of symptoms that a lot of people ask about and are going through are physical:

  • You get random aches, pains, and headaches that come and go for no reason.

  • You get flu like symptoms at times and experience energy highs and lows. Almost as if you're on some kind of roller coaster.

You already know that you're doing alright in terms of general health and nutrition. It just comes out of nowhere and disappears just as randomly. So randomly that you begin to wonder am I really sick or is something else going on here?

The first thing to note about this type of symptom is that when you ascend your consciousness shifts to a higher vibration. You're able to access more and more universal energy.

The thing is that energy that's coming in? It's really powerful. In the spiritual community we sometimes talk about portals opening up at certain times of the year related to astrological events. Whenever that happens I get a headache and my energy levels are all over the place.

One moment you feel a buzzing, tingling, sensation all over your body and the next you feel lethargic.  You start feeling the energy of your soul. This feeling might keep you up at night and you might be feeling it all over your body. Other times you feel like you can't do anything.

Another thing is that when this energy is coming in it's gonna clear out any deposits of negative energy in your body and that can often manifest physically. They're pointing to things that need to be addressed.


If you like to see things visually mapped out download the checklist to help you figure out what strategy you're going to use for your symptoms.

Strategy 1: Energy Healing

One thing that helps is to listen to a healing meditation track on YouTube, usually 528 or 432hz, and visualise white light coming in to your body and clearing out the affected area. That helps with the headaches and minor aches and pains. The channel I use the most is PowerThoughts Meditation Club.

Strategy 2: Eliminate Toxins

This brings me to strategy number two and another facet of the physical side of things: food intolerances that come out of nowhere. I used to be able to ingest all kinds of junk without any issue. But now? Not so. Sugar especially really messes me up.

The essence of this strategy can be encompassed in three words: high vibration foods. You are going to be sensitive to energy now and in order to keep yourself in equilibrium you'll be needing to eat accordingly.

That means reducing:

  • Sugar

  • Highly processed foods,

  • Foods full of pesticides

  • Foods resulting from a lot of animal suffering.

Be in tune with your own body. Test it out for yourself and see what your own body responds to. 

Strategy 3: Grounding

This is one that helps with the energy highs and lows. With all that energy coming in to your body you might be feeling a little spacey. Maybe more than a little spacey, as if your attention is wanted in the stars all the time. If that's the case it's very important to ground.

All you have to do is:

  1. Imagine a golden cord coming down from your heart, through your body, and out through the soles of your feet.

  2. Send it straight into the core of the planet.

That's it! Just two steps and it makes a world of difference! What you need right now is to boost your connection to the earth.

Another way to do that is just take a walk in nature. Spend time in the park, at the beach, or any place where you're in the elements. This helps stabilise your energy.

Strategy 4: Know When To Rest

This is another one to do with the energy highs and lows aspect, especially if there's some kind of significant astrological event or portal opening up. When I feel this coming on, I know it's a day where I just need to rest and chill out.

Don't do anything physically or mentally strenuous because this usually passes within a day or so. Sometimes during this process you'll intuitively know when you need a day of peace and calm, especially if it's an energy upgrade that you're getting.

Listen to that voice within you that's telling you to rest. 

When you ascend your consciousness shifts to a higher vibration. You’re able to access more and more universal energy.

Heightened Sensitivities

Let's talk about heightened sensitivities. In my own experience, this is one of the biggest areas where I experience problems during the acsension process.

Like I've said before, as you ascend you are sort of upgrading your energetic state, your vibrational level.

You're gonna start noticing when people or situations are not an energetic match for you and you may even feel sick or fearful around those people or situations. 

Okay, so let me give you an example here of how this heightened sensitivities thing works.

Let's say you've shifted to a higher vibration state of being. You're at a point where you don't feel bitterness towards situations any more and you're trying to let things go.

You're all about forgiveness, going with the flow, and rising above negative situations.

Yet every time you watch the news and you hear about all the violence, war, and death you feel sad, fearful, and just plain off energetically speaking.

The media often vibrates at the level of fear. That is why you feel so horrible after over exposure to the news.

Or let's say you're with a friend that is always complaining about their lives or other people, someone who likes to be angry, pessimistic, and disillusioned about things and insists on taking that view.

That person may be at the level of anger, grief, or apathy. This is a lower vibrational energy state.

It is literally pulling down your vibration to a lower level! You come away from these situations feeling drained and you find yourself taking on some of their negative feelings even though you didn't want to. 

Strategy 5: Cleanse Your Energy

You take a shower every day right to keep your body clean? It's just an important to keep you energy field clean and clear. Your chakras absorb whatever emotions and experiences you have and are sensitive to the vibrational states of everything around you.

It is important to clear out the build up of etheric gunk from your energy field every single day. If I can't manage every day I try to do it at least every other day. And it doesn't take very long. I'll give you two strategies that I use.

The first one you can do while you're in the shower:

  • Just imagine that you're standing under a waterfall of pure white light. I like to imagine as if I'm standing under a small waterfall in the middle of a forest.

  • Feel the clear, bright, white water washing all over you and cleansing the waste of the day.

  • Just let it all go and feel the sacred water cleanse it all away. Try it, it feels good.

Another thing you can do that doesn't take much time is something called running your energy:

  • Take a deep breath and on the in-breath imagine pure golden light coming up from the centre of the earth and down from the centre of the galaxy, going into your body, every single cell, and heading straight for your heart.

  • When the energy reaches your heart, hold your breath for a few seconds, picturing the energy swirling around and cleansing you.

  • Then, exhale and as you do so see and feel the old energy flowing out from your heart space, like a spout of water, and being absorbed by the ground.

  • Do this at least three times or however long you need.

You're basically just taking in new energy and getting rid of the old. That's all it takes to feel good again!

The media often vibrates at the level of fear. It it literally pulling you DOWN the scale of consciousness.

Strategy 6: Shield Yourself

What's the point of cleansing your energy field if it's just gonna keep absorbing all kinds of negative energy and making your job all the more harder? It's far more effective to keep those energies out! 

The basic essence of this strategy involves imagining a big ball of light around you, like a force field that deflects all dark energy and prevents it from entering your field.

Some people like to imagine this light shield being composed of layers. I believe Doreen Virtue recommends white, green, and purple. What I do is a little different but feels powerful to me. I imagine a shield of crystalline white light infused with flecks of all colours. The outside of this shield is basically form the flower of life pattern.

Do what works for you but every time you cleanse your energy be sure to just erect the shield. It's important to keep it up and maintain it. If you do it once and never again it will stop being effective after some time.



If you like to see things visually mapped out download the checklist to help you figure out what strategy you're going to use for your symptoms.

Intense Dreams, Psychic Impressions, and Synchronicities

Sometimes at night, I feel like my crown chakra is extremely open and my mind just buzzes. It's like my spirit guides are priming me to receive downloads and it can be difficult to fall asleep at times. You feel like you're getting informational downloads delivered directly into your brain. Often times the information you're getting is significant in some way.

In addition, you might be getting some intense or really weird dreams. I have received at least three or four visitations that I can remember in my dreams from ethereal beings.

How you do know if it's just a dream or a message or visitation? The way you can tell the difference is that dream visitations feel hyper realistic. The being that you see in the dream will look and feel as if they're really there, realer than everything else in the dream. Another sign is that the dream might start off normal and then abruptly change course. 

Your psychic senses are now on overdrive. You may be getting words or images in your mind as if out of nowhere, or you're getting strong impressions or gut feelings about things. You see recurring numbers or symbols everywhere. This is a huge one for many of us.

I know I feel like I'm being inundated with recurring numbers all the time. 11:11. 22:22, 33, any number from 0-9 repeated more than once. You see this multiple times a day. 

Strategy 7: Keep A Journal

How do you deal with this issue? Write it down! Whatever information you get, whatever was in your dream just write it down in your journal and reflect upon the meaning. It is almost always significant in some way.

If your spirit guides really want you to pay attention to something, pay attention to what it is. If it's a recurring image or number write that down and just Google the number sequence to find out what it means. Reflect on how you can implement the advice in your life. If you don't then your guides will just keep plaguing you with it until you do!


Extreme Emotions

One moment you're happy another moment you're crying for no reason. It's like an emotional roller coaster ride. People can't understand you anymore, why you're always so sensitive. This may especially be the case for empaths.

So what can you do about it? While you can't control what comes up, the worst thing you can do to yourself is repress, suppress, or give more power to that negative emotion by venting about it for an hour to your friend. Don't believe me? Just read the book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David Hawkins. This book is all about this next strategy. 

Hot air balloon stress relieving visualisation

Strategy 8: The Letting Go Technique

So what you do here is acknowledge the emotion that has come up and release it. Don't be like, 'Why am I am I feeling this way? I should not be feeling this.'

Just allow yourself to feel and experience that emotion for as long as you need to and then just let it go. Don't resist it. Let it arise and pass.

Here's a visualisation:

  • Imagine you're in an open field standing in front of a hot air balloon.

  • A truck pulls up with boxes full of emotions that you want to release. Label each box with what you want to let go of.

  • Put each box into the balloon.

  • Release the hot air balloon and watch it float away.

Try it and you'll feel a lot lighter. If you need more help with this technique, I recommend you pick up the book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David Hawkins.

Changing Relationships

This is a huge one and perhaps the most difficult. You find yourself not being able to relate to people in your life. You're just not vibing with certain people anymore and there's a disconnect now where there wasn't one before.

Remember the map of consciousness? Like attracts like an you're just not an energetic match anymore.

Your friends start dropping away and this is extremely confusing. Your vibration has changed but your old friends have been left behind. You find yourself wanting authentic relationships and feel a deep longing to connect with your tribe, to find your people. Rest assured, dear reader, this is extremely normal. 

Strategy 9: Embrace Change

There really is only one way to deal with this and that is to embrace change. Let go of all those relationships which no longer serve you and ask Spirit to guide you to like minded people that you can connect with. I can assure you that it works. Just ask for new people to be send into your life.

This may take some time and that's okay. You're in a time of transition right now, you're in a cocoon not a caterpillar anymore but not yet a butterfly. If there was any time to be a hermit and embrace that now is that time.

You need to settle in and stop resisting the ascension process. Pretty soon you will have new, more authentic, relationships in your life that reflect the new you. Isn't that an amazing thing to look forward to?!

So just sit tight for now and embrace the new changes because ultimately, even though it's hard and a real pain to go through, acsension is ultimately a positive thing!


If you like to see things visually mapped out download the checklist to help you figure out what strategy you're going to use for your symptoms.