16 Lessons from the Court Cards Part 4: Cups

16 Lessons from the Court Cards Part 4: Cups and Court Cards Tarot Cheatsheet!

This post is part of a blog post series exploring the tarot card meanings through storytelling. 

For the major arcana, the story is told from the point of view of the Fool who is undertaking his journey through the arcana. The rest of the posts are from the point of view of another character who has heard about the Fool's Journey and goes on a journey of her own.

If you've already read the previous posts in this series you'll know that we've already completed our fictional Fool's Journey through the major arcana and we're continuing our journey through the land of tarot with a new protagonist, the Traveller. 

By now, we've already journeyed through all four elemental kingdoms: wands, cups, swords and pentacles.

Right now our protagonist, Traveller, is attending a royal ball held at Pentacles Palace and has already met the pentacles. wands, and swords families.

Today, in the final post in this series, she ends her journey by meeting the cups family! 

Posts in the series include:

If you have not yet read the other posts in this series, I recommend starting from the beginning.

The major arcana, minor arcana, and court cards can also be read as stand-alone sections as well but for maximum benefit I recommend going in order.

Right, are you ready to continue?

Let's get back into the story!

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The court cards are basically personality cards. They represent the essence of the element distilled into four distinct personality types for each suit.


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The King of Cups: The Mentor

The King of Cups' Lesson

Only love, compassion, and understanding can truly bring you the happiness and tranquillity you seek.

King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

"Presenting His Majesty the King of Cups, Her Majesty the Queen of Cups, His Royal Highness the Knight of Cups, and Her Royal Highness the Page of Cups" said the master of ceremonies as the cups family made their entrance into the ballroom.

The cups family were not as opulent as the pentacles family, nor as flamboyant as the wands family and neither were they as utilitarian and harsh looking like the swords family. They wore cool toned flowing robes that were simple but elegant and seemed to have a certain warmth and easy grace about them.

The king seemed like a very approachable person. He was a portly man with white hair and beard, and he had kind blue eyes that contrasted against his red cheeks. 

You walked up to the king. "Your Majesty" you said, as you curtsied. "I'd like to introduce myself. I am the Traveller of the Four Lands" you said.

The king smiled warmly. "Ah yes! Traveller! I have heard so much about you from my subjects and all of it good things! You have made some lifelong friends in my kingdom it seems and you are always welcome to visit again"

Your eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Thank you, Your Majesty, but how do you know all of this? Surely you do not have time to personally speak to your subjects?"

"My kingdom may not be the richest, strongest, or boldest but we are very well known for being the happiest. Can you tell me why you think that is?" he said. He waited patiently for you to respond as you thought it over. That was very considerate of him. All of the other kings talked over you at some point or another.

"Well, from my time in your kingdom, I noticed that everyone there follows their heart" you said, finally.

"Very good. That's correct" The king nodded. "You see, only love brings true happiness and I make it a point to rule through love and compassion not fear. That is why my subjects love me because I do make it a point to listen to them when they visit me on court days. I even make it a point to talk to my gardener every day during my morning walks" he said.

"That's truly amazing" you said with a genuine smile. His kindness and compassion truly impressed you. This kind reminded you of your own kind father. 

You thought back to your interaction with the swords family and your heart sank a little. Swords were planning something for the summit meeting tomorrow and you didn't want this wonderful king to get the short end of the stick.

"But, Your Majesty, I have to warn you. I think the swords family are gearing up for war. Their daughter is gathering intelligence and I think the king has a trick up his sleeve for your meeting tomorrow" you said, the worry painted on your face.

By contrast, the king did not seem phased at all! "Thank you very much for informing me, traveller. I did suspect something of the like from them but do not worry. I'm stronger than I look. It's not money or physical strength that will win out here but diplomacy. I'm confident we will find a win-win for everyone" he said, thoughtful.

"You know, I think the King of Wands may agree with you there. If you can get him on your side he would be able to inspire the others to unite" you said.

"I think you're right, traveller. Thank you again for all your help. You are always welcome at my palace" said the king.

Queen of Cups: The Intuitive

The Queen of Cups' Lesson

Be someone who makes everyone feel important, looks through their eyes, and makes them feel understood.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

After you finished with the king, you turned to introduce yourself to his wife, the Queen of Cups. The queen was a beautiful, dark haired, woman with large, soulful, eyes. She had stood waiting patiently the entire time you were talking to the king.

"Your Majesty" you said and curtsied. "I'm sorry if I kept you waiting"

The queen smiled. "It's no trouble, traveller. I am much more of a listener than a talker anyway and I think my husband very much likes you. I didn't want to interrupt"

"That is very kind of you" you said, with a smile. You felt so comfortable and at ease around her. You couldn't explain it.

"You know, traveller, I have been most eager to hear about your journey through our four lands. Will you tell me about it" she said.

"I'm afraid that's a very long story" you responded.

The queen smiled and shook her head. "It's no bother. We have time" she said. 

"You really want to know?" you said.

"Of course! I love hearing people's stories! I want to know what you went through and what you thought and felt throughout it all" she said. You were surprised. None of the other royals seemed very interested to hear your point of view.

You launched into your story in earnest. It all just came out of you like a burst dam. You didn't realise how much you wanted to tell someone about it until right this moment. Throughout it all the queen nodded, asked questions here and there, and seemed genuinely interested. 

She expressed excitement when you described your participation in the dragonriders' tournament in the Kingdom of Wands and sympathy when you described the civil war in Swords. She commended you on helping those beggars gain employment in Pentacles and expressed joy when you told her how much you enjoyed your time in Cups.

Telling her all of it felt good, like a weight off your shoulders. Somehow she just made you feel understood and in that moment you knew why the people loved their queen so much.


Remember the card meanings better by creating your OWN personal set of card meanings that makes sense to YOU. Develop a unique and intuitive understanding of the card meanings in 8 days.

Knight of Cups: The Romantic

The Knight of Cups' Lesson

Always follow your heart. It will never lead you astray because it knows things your mind can’t explain.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

After a very long conversation with the Queen of Cups, you reluctantly left her to go meet her son. If you chatted with her for the whole evening you'd never be able to meet her children before the night ended!

You walked up to the Knight of Swords. He was a handsome young man with a lean build and had his mother's soulful eyes. Before you could say anything he took your hand, bowed low, and kissed the back of it.

"My lady traveller, I am enchanted by your presence. You are the most beautiful woman in the room and I have not been able to take my eyes off you" he said, looking into your eyes with an intense gaze.

You blushed. My, this one was definitely a charmer. "You're just trying to flatter me" you said. "The Queen of Wands is much more beautiful than I"

The knight shot you a heart melting smile. "On the contrary, I could write poetry about your lovely eyes, your soft skin, and your hair cascading down your back like a waterfall"

You laughed in amusement. "You are very eloquent, sir knight" you began. "You write poetry?"

The knight nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! There are so many beautiful things in this world that touch my heart and I feel as if I must capture them" he said.

You smiled. "You seem like a very, sensitive, heart-centred person. I haven't met a lot of people like you. The other knights don't seem like they care much about art and poetry"

"The other knights? Oh yes, they're complete brutes!" he began. "I may not seem very 'manly' compared to them but I feel that a true knight is in touch with his own feelings and that of others. A true knight always follows his heart" he said. He looked at you and gave you another one of his heart-melting smiles. "And mine has led me to you" 

You raised an eyebrow. "Has it really? But you've only just met me"

"Doesn't matter" he said with a grin. "The heart wants what it wants and I am determined to get at least one dance with you before the night is through"

"We'll see" you said with a amused smile. 

Page of Cups: The Dreamer

The Page of Cups' Lesson

Let your imagination run wild. Imagination is the fuel of dreams and dreams the fuel of creation.

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

"Oh! You're going to marry my brother I can see it already! The Traveller of the Four Kingdoms and the Knight of Cups. How romantic!" exclaimed a young girl wearing a pink dress. She had her father's kind eyes and seemed to be lost in thought. She was already painting a vivid picture of the idea in her mind, it seems.

"Sister! Don't embarass me!" said the knight.

You laughed. "It's quite alright. I've been wanting to spend time with your sister anyway" you said.

"Alright but don't forget about that dance you owe me!" said the knight as he walked away reluctantly.

"I see you already know who I am. It's very nice to meet you" you said.

"I've been waiting to meet you all evening!" she said excitedly. "Please tell me about the kingdoms you've visited. I've never been outside of Cups and I think it's so dreamy that you've traveller so far from your home and had so many adventures!"

"You'll have to ask you mother about that. I'm not sure I have it in me to recount the whole tale twice in one night" you said.

She visibly deflated. "At least tell me what those places were like" she said.

"Alright, that I can do" you said and told her about the lush green lands of Pentacles, the hustle and bustle of Wands, and the harsh mountainous Kingdom of Swords. 

She listened excitedly and asked you a ton of questions. You didn't need to describe the details very much though because she filled in the gaps all on her own! Whatever you told her, she magnified it ten fold in her own mind! 

"What a hero, you are traveller! I'm going to travel someday" she said, her eyes full of longing. "It's my dream you see. To leave Cups and see the world. I can't go there physically just yet so I paint them instead. I'm definitely going to paint your story!" she said.

"You paint?" you asked.

The girl nodded. "I love painting. It's my way of travelling to distant lands and other worlds. I love bringing stories to life. Would you like to see? I brought my sketchbook'' she asked.

"Very much so!" you said. She pulled out a leather-bound sketchbook and handed it to you. 

You leafed through the pages and grew increasingly impressed. There were drawings and paintings of mythical monsters and heroes, as well as landscapes that sparked the imagination. "You really have a wonderful imagination" you said. "I truly admire your talent"

"Thank you" she blushed.

You handed her back her notebook and just as you did so the clock struck midnight. Time to go it seems. You didn't get to dance with any of the knights after all but you got to meet everyone and you were truly glad for the opportunity.

Tomorrow morning you would head home. You were thankful for all you had learned during your journey and would carry the memories of all the people you met with you forever.


Remember the card meanings better by creating your OWN personal set of card meanings that makes sense to YOU. Develop a unique and intuitive understanding of the card meanings in 8 days.

Wow, you made it to the end! First of all, I would like to thank you for reading all the way to the end of this series and congratulate you on your dedication.

Writing this blog post series has been a revelation to me. Tarot is a lifelong learning process and there is always something to learn. Writing this and exploring every single card in such a deep way has really helped me to see them in a new light.

What about you? What did you learn?

Tarot Card Images: Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot by Melanie Marquis, Scott Murphy © 2016 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.