16 Lessons from the Court Cards Part 2: Wands

16 Lessons from the Court Cards Part 2: Wands and Court Cards Tarot Cheatsheet!

This post is part of a blog post series exploring the tarot card meanings through storytelling. 

For the major arcana, the story is told from the point of view of the Fool who is undertaking his journey through the arcana. The rest of the posts are from the point of view of another character who has heard about the Fool's Journey and goes on a journey of her own.

If you've already read the previous posts in this series you'll know that we've already completed our fictional Fool's Journey through the major arcana and we're continuing our journey through the land of tarot with a new protagonist, the Traveller. 

By now, we've already journeyed through all four elemental kingdoms: wands, cups, swords and pentacles.

Right now our protagonist, Traveller, is attending a royal ball held at Pentacles Palace and has already met the pentacles family.

Today, she meets the wands family! 

Posts in the series include:

If you have not yet read the other posts in this series, I recommend starting from the beginning.

The major arcana, minor arcana, and court cards can also be read as stand-alone sections as well but for maximum benefit I recommend going in order.

Right, are you ready to continue?

Let's get back into the story!

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The court cards are basically personality cards. They represent the essence of the element distilled into four distinct personality types for each suit.


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The King of Wands: The Visionary

The King of Wands' Lesson

A true leader leads from the heart and inspires others to do more, dream bigger, and be better.

King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

A fanfare announced the presence of the wands family. "Presenting His Majesty the King of Wands, Her Majesty the Queen of Wands, His Royal Highness the Knight of Wands and Her Royal Highness the Page of Wands"

You turned to get a good look at them walking in. They were hard to miss. You though they were the most fabulous looking family you had ever seen! Every one of them strode in with a fierce confidence that commanded the attention of the entire room. And this wasn't even their own palace! 

You watched them walk up to the dais and meet the King and Queen of Pentacles. You couldn't be sure from this distance but it looked like the queen was slightly annoyed at being shown up a little. 

When they were done you excused yourself from your conversation partner and walked up to the king. "Your Majesty" you curtsied. "I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am the Traveller of the Four Kingdoms at your service" you said.

"Well aren't you charming" said the king with a smile. "So you're the traveller I keep hearing about it. It's nice to finally meet you!" he said, with a certain warmth and enthusiasm you weren't expecting. 

You looked up at him. The king was a very handsome older man with white hair and a meticulously groomed beard. He wasn't quite as showy as the King of Pentacles, not in the same way, but he gave off a certain confidence and charisma that made him feel like the natural leader in any situation. The kind of man to make you voluntarily give him control. "Yes, it's nice to meet you too" you said finally, a little dazzled.

"Come now, traveller, I won't bite. In fact I must commend you on your immense courage for undertaking such a journey so far away from your homeland. You must feel very passionately about travel and that's something I can admire" he said. 

"Yes!" you said. You didn't know how but somehow he managed to capture exactly how you felt about it. "I am passionate about travel! I just didn't want to stay home in my small village for the rest of my life. I wanted to do more" you said.

The king nodded. "Then we are more alike than you imagine, my friend. I grew up in a small village too but I had a dream to change the world and so here I am. Making a difference in my kingdom is what I'm passionate about and drives me every day" he said with a certain fire in his eyes. You could see why others were so drawn to him. "Here's some advice, traveller, keep going. Don't give up on your dreams now that your journey is coming to an end. Dream big and think about how you're going to use what you've learned here to revolutionise your homeland. It's what I would do" he said with an encouraging smile.

"Thank you, Your Majesty, I will!" you said, feeling inspired.

Queen of Wands: The Muse

The Queen of Wands' Lesson

Confidence shines from the inside when you love yourself, own your flaws, and rock it without caring what others think.

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

"He does this all the time" said the queen, with a smile. "He can't go anywhere without firing at least one person up. It's why the people love him" she said as she looked at him lovingly. 

You greeted her with a curtsy. "Your Majesty"

The Queen of Wands was the most beautiful woman in the entire room. She wore a fabulous and dangerously low cut gown with red, orange, and yellow hues that perfectly complimented her beautiful blond curls. She wore a single ruby pendant, set in gold, perfectly placed to draw the eye.

Her eyes held a certain magnetism and it seemed like every man in the room was looking at her. Even the King of Pentacles. Expains why his wife was so annoyed to see the wands family.

"I'm sorry if I'm being so forward but I can't help but admire the way you carry yourself. What's your secret?" you asked. You wished you could have even half of her fierceness and beauty. 

"Flattery will get you everywhere, my dear traveller" The queen laughed, her eyes dancing with amusement. "Now to answer your question, beauty comes from the inside. It's when you love yourself and you feel confident despite your flaws. That's what people are attracted to. To you! Your internal fire!" she said, pointing at her heart. "If you feel  beautiful you'll be beautiful, understand?" she said.

"I think I do" you said. "You seem like someone that, forgive me, polarises the room. How do you deal with the attention and negativity that may come with it?" you asked, truly fascinated by her.

"I don't pay any mind to my critics. They can bore holes into my back with their eyes all they want. They can't make me feel any less good about myself, and any less alive. Besides, I'm always up for a challenge" she said, with fierce determination. 

If you could be as vibrant and confident as this woman, you'd be able to run the world.


Remember the card meanings better by creating your OWN personal set of card meanings that makes sense to YOU. Develop a unique and intuitive understanding of the card meanings in 8 days.

Knight of Wands: The Adventurer

The Knight of Wands' Lesson

You only live once so be bold, be fearless, and do what you love.

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

"I can see my mother, is commandeering the guests, as usual" said a male voice. You turned around and saw the Knight of Wands standing behind you. 

The Knight of Wands had shoulder length cascading blond locks that caught the candlelight. making it glow almost like a halo around him. He had a strong jaw and an athletic frame. Your eyes were drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Gods above, were all the wands family so beautiful?

Alright, try not to be so awkward. "I don't mind" you said. "I think you're all nice" You cringed at that. You sounded like an absolute dolt.

"Oh I don't know about that" The knight grinned. "I don't think the basilisk I killed just yesterday found me to be very nice"

"You killed a basilisk? Really?" you said, in awe. 

The knight puffed up his chest a little at your reaction. "Yes. It was a huge one and was terrorising a village! The beast fought well but it was no match for me in the end!"

"That's quite impressive! But couldn't you have dispatched some of your men to take care of that? Why deal with it yourself?" you asked.

"I could have but where's the fun in that? I love sport and adventuring. The thrill of it positively sets me on fire! Riding out on a whim to explore new places. You know, you're adventuring right now in the four kingdoms!" he exclaimed.

"It is pretty exciting, yes. I got to participate in the dragonriders' tournament this year in Wands. Got a front seat on the back of a dragon! That was the most exciting thing I did all year" you said.

"Truly? Well now, you are a lot more exhilarating than I imagined" he said with a sly smile. 

You blushed a little. It was probably best if you didn't let yourself spend too much time around this one.

Page of Wands: The Free-Spirit

The Page of Wands' Lesson

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. The only thing that’s real is the present moment so enjoy it.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

"Oh! Brother! You found the traveller!" said a very excited looking young female.

"Sister, I'm in the middle of something here" he said, looking at her pointedly. 

"Well, go and do something else! It's my turn to talk to the traveller!" she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

"It's quite alright" you said to the knight. 

"We'll continue this later" he said, and stalked away.

"Oh, traveller! Isn't this wonderful! It's your first time at a ball right? I just love these parties!" she clasped her hands together excitedly. "I cannot wait until the dances begin!"

You couldn't help but smile and be lifted by her enthusiasm. "It is my first royal ball, yes. I must say I was a bit nervous but also quite excited to be here and meet you all!" you said. Her optimistic demeanour was infectious. 

"Come! Let's go dance!" she said, her face lighting up with a grin.

"What? But the dances haven't begun yet and I haven't met everyone yet!"

"Who cares! Why should we let anyone spoil our fun? Let's go tell the musicians to start playing anyway!" she exclaimed.

That would be fun! Crazy, but fun! You were about to respond when you were interrupted by a peal of trumpets. Looks like another royal family was arriving.


Remember the card meanings better by creating your OWN personal set of card meanings that makes sense to YOU. Develop a unique and intuitive understanding of the card meanings in 8 days.

Alright, so Traveller has just met the wands family. What do you think of them? Do you think you'd get along with them?

The story is not over yet though! The ball's not over and Traveller has yet to met the other court card characters. 

In the next post, she meets the swords family! Keep reading to see what they're like!

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