10 Types of Spirit Guides and Their Roles on Your Spirit Team

10 Types of Spirit Guides and Their Roles on Your Spirit Team

Being incarnated is like playing a very high definition virtual role-playing game. I love using the game analogy because to my mind, it matches so well with what we're doing here in the school room of life. 

We come here to complete our life task or life purpose, the story quest, as well as learn soul lessons and clear karmic debts, your side quests.  

Only, you're not playing this game alone. Everyone incarnates with a team of spirit guides that have chosen to help and guide them on their life journey.

They give you signs, they place opportunities on your path, keep you out of harm's way, and try to help you make the right choices in the game of life.

You may have heard this before and you may even have already contacted a couple of your guides but did you know that we don't just have one guide with us but a whole group of spirits and angels that fulfil different roles?

When you go to school you have teachers that teach you various subjects. You don't have one teacher that teaches you everything do you? That's how it works with spirit guides too. 

When I was training as a medium and when read for clients, I wouldn't just see one guide. I mean, yes, often one guide will pass me the message but I often see two or three guides around people at one time. 

While we all do have one guide that acts as your main guide, the head of the team, you do in fact have access to a variety of spirits that are around you and help you in your daily life. Some guides only help you with the current task, quest, or life lesson you're going through and others are there with you for the whole playthrough.

You've probably read a lot about how to contact your angel guides, dragon guides, unicorn guides, mermaid guides, any and all manner of guides, and have a whole host of questions in your mind. 

You're like, wait, let's just back up for a second because I'm getting confused.

  • What kind of beings can act as spirit guides and how is it the same or different to angels, ascended masters, and all the rest?

  • Just how many guides you may have and what they do for you?

  • What even determines who you get as a spirit guide?

Today I'm going to help clear up the confusion for you as best I can. We're going to cover the 10 types of beings that can act as spirit guides and the roles that they serve on your spirit team.

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Being incarnated is like playing a very high definition virtual role-playing game. Only you’re not playing this game alone. Everyone incarnates with a team of spirit guides that have chosen to help and guide them on their life journey.

Types of Spirit Guides

So who or what can serve as a spirit guide? Are there any restrictions? Are angels a separate category? I mean, how does it work exactly?

Well, the short version is that any manner of being aligned with source, can choose to serve as your spirit guides. Think I'm being too simplistic? That archangels could not possibly be your guide because they have much more important things to do? 

It's not mutually exclusive. It's not so black and white and it's a lot more complicated. 

Technically, the commonly cited difference between angel and spirit guide is that angels haven't incarnated but spirit guides have. Then you see lists of various roles like master guide, healing guide, teacher guide (scroll down to read more about that), and some people say that angels cannot possibly fulfil those roles.

It gets confusing because then you're like why? How?

Every single time I ask for my main spirit guide, my head honcho, to reveal him or herself to me I see Archangel Michael. I've had one medium say to me that it's not possible so I asked again and again.

Yet, there he is every single time. I ask him how is it possible and he just says that he's been with me from the very beginning. It's not just me though, one of my friends also has Archangel Michael and I know people drawn to the healing arts who have Archangel Raphael.

Why should we separate between spirit guide, angel, fairy, etc? We need to stop trying to put restrictions on what kind of beings can be a guide. The line really isn't so clear. There are many factors that determine that, and I will go in to it later, but for now I will just say this. 

Everything is vibration, everything is energy. We are all made of the same stuff as the stars are and when you're on the other side you are part of that universal energy. You can be in two places at once.

Higher beings have a very vast consciousness. So vast that it's a small thing to send a part of itself to be with you and keep another part to oversee world events. 

Think of your guide and, poof, he or she is there!

Anyway what I am trying to convey here is that in this article, I have chosen to differentiate between types of guides and their roles. I use the word 'types' to refer to what kind of beings typically act as guides, and I am using the word 'roles' to refer to their jobs, i.e. what function those guides fulfil on your team. 


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Okay, so let's break it down shall we? I'm going to tell you about all the types of spirit guides that I have seen hovering around people:

1. Deceased Loved Ones

Loved ones that have passed often choose to watch over you and help you from the other side. This is a very common type of spirit guide that most people will have, especially deceased grandparents.

2. Ancestors

This is different to deceased loved ones because these are spirits of people from many generations ago that you may have never met. They have, for whatever reason, chosen to watch over their blood line.

3. Past Life Friends

Sometimes we choose to incarnate but others in our soul group choose to sit it out this time and volunteer to help us from the other side. There is no restriction in terms of time period, either, because one of my spirit guides is someone I knew from my past life in Ancient Greece!

4. General Spirit Helpers

These are spirits that you do not know from a past life or through a blood tie but have volunteered to take on your case or is an expert on whatever it is you are facing. 

5. Angels

In this category I am including all types of angels: guardian angels, archangels, and higher up too. There are things that determine what you get, but I will go into it in another section. To clarify, angels are pure beings of light that have never incarnated before.

6. Ascended Masters

These are beings who have been incarnated before but have ascended or experienced enlightenment. They have completed the game, or graduated from the school, so to speak. Ascended masters include beings like the Buddha and Kuan Yin.

7. Deities

This one is a little complicated because I do believe that what we think of as 'gods' and 'goddesses', excluding ascended masters, are high vibration, high density, beings from other realms that help us and/or have come into contact with humanity in the past.

Regardless of what they actually are, I do see them around people sometimes. I once saw the Indian Goddess Durga around someone and I've also seen the Norse God Odin around another. I myself see the Greek God Apollo around me occasionally.

8. Elementals

This includes fairies, mermaids, dragons, elves, and all manner of beings we think of as 'mythical' or 'fantasy' beings. Half my spirit guide team are elves and I have met people who have dragons serving as their guides.

9. Extra-terrestrials

This encompasses all ETs within and without our galaxy like Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, etc. There are many people who have connected to and learned a lot from their ET guides and ET collectives.

10. Spirit Animals

Think guides are exclusively humanoid? Think again! Your deceased pet could act as your guide, or you might see a wolf, an owl, a raven, or a lion. Any kind of animal, really. Animals have wisdom too and every species has a certain type of energy they represent and assist with.

Just be mindful that sometimes a spirit simply chooses to present itself a certain way. You might have a spirit guide who has never, in fact, incarnated, but shows up to you as a jelly fish! I'm not actually kidding on that one. James Van Praagh mentions having a guide that looks like a jelly fish in his book, Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides.

Sometimes a spirit simply chooses to present itself a certain way. You might have a spirit guide who has never, in fact, incarnated, but shows up to you as a jelly fish!

What Determines Who You Get as a Guide?

There are several factors that determine who you get on your spirit team. I asked my guides about this and as per the knowledge given to me, those factors are:

  • Your energetic fingerprint

  • Your level of learning

  • Pre-incarnation agreements

  • Relationship ties

I'll explain each one in a little more detail.

Your Energetic Fingerprint

Your energetic fingerprint is the unique blueprint of your soul, your unique energetic makeup. This includes your soul archetype, the elements you're drawn to, your strongest chakra, your aura colours and all the other things that just make you, you. It's sort of like the taste of your soul, the feel of your energy.

Still not getting it? I'll use myself as an example.

I have heard people say my aura is blue and gold. I am drawn to the element water and also the sun. I'm also drawn to the throat chakra most and consider myself an artistic and expressive period. However, there is also some fire and willpower in there coming from my solar plexus. All these things contribute to my personal energetic fingerprint.

In the spirit world, you are identified by your energetic fingerprint. Some beings who have never incarnated don't even use names! They just sort of allow you to give them one yourself as a means of identification that makes sense to you.

How is this related at all? Basically, this is a very roundabout way of telling you that like attracts like. The guides you have, especially ones you don't know from this life or a past life, are an energetic match for some part of your energetic fingerprint. For example, there is some part of my personality and goals that fits Archangel Michael well, so he's there.

Your Level of Learning

The guides you have match your level of understanding and learning. Going back to the game analogy, what's the point of reading advanced, end-game, level guides when you're still in the tutorial or starting area? It won't make any sense to you!

This is how it works with guides too, especially helper and teacher guides. The guides you have, the ones that are supposed to teach you something or advance your spiritual growth, are appropriate to your level of understanding and vibration.

You're not going to get a professor if you're still at high-school level, spiritually speaking. When you're ready for the next level of development, your guides will adjust accordingly.

For example, when I was learning about ascension and sacred geometry I would communicate frequently with Archangel Metatron. The downloads I got were appropriate to my level. I'm sure a quantum physicist would get downloads, about the same thing, that are waaaaay more complicated and advanced than mine! 

Pre-incarnation Agreements

This one is pretty self-explanatory. When we incarnate, we don't always do so with our full soul group. Some stay behind to help and those people have pre-incarnation agreements to help you while you're on earth.

These could be past life friends or starseed guides. It's essentially the same thing and includes any spirit who has agreed to help you during your time on earth. This is an agreement your soul would have made before you were born or even many lifetimes ago in some cases.

Relationship Ties

Also another self-explanatory one. This includes people you have a blood or emotional relationship to. Your deceased loved ones do love you and want to help you from the other side! This category includes ancestors from long ago as well.

One thing to note here, is that even if they mistreated you in life they may have achieved a much broader level of understanding on the other side and want to make it up to you by guiding you. 


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Spirit Guide Roles

Okay, so we have covered the types of guides and what determines how they're assigned to you. Let's now go over what the available spots, or roles, are on your spirit team? What do they actually DO?

The roles are as follows.

Master Guide

The manager of your spirit team. This is the guide you will see most frequently and their role is to direct the rest of your spirit team and act as your go to person.

Gatekeeper Guide

This is the bouncer of your spirit team. Their role is to keep you safe! They keep negative entities away from you and if you're a medium, ensures that spirits don't crowd you and approach you one at a time.

Healer Guide

This is the medic of your spirit team. This guide is responsible for healing your energy field and chakras, as well as teaching you how to heal yourself and others.

Helper Guides

They are the consultants of your team. They come in to help you with specific tasks, projects, or ideas that you're working on. 

Teacher Guides

They are the mentors of your spirit team. They assist with your soul's growth, teaching you things related to the life lessons you are here to learn.

Relationship Guides

These guys are like the counsellors of your spirit team. Their job is to help you navigate your interpersonal relationships. They bring people together, help engineer situations related to clearing karmic debts, and help you to find peace with others

Starseed Guides

This is a special category of guide that every starseed has. They are like your commanders and support officers at mission control. We don't come here without help. If you are a starseed, you will have at least one spirit guide, who comes from your home world, that is assigned to communicate with you and help you with your mission here on earth.

Your team of spirit guides consists of: a manager, a bouncer, a medic, consultants, mentors, a counsellor, and if you’re a starseed, your commanders and support officers at mission control.

Your Next Steps

Alright, you now know about types of guides, how they're assigned, and their jobs. What next? Simple, you try to contact them! 

I've written an article all about ways to contact your spirit guides. If you want to learn more about this, read it here.

Your task now is to do a meditation, guided or freestyle, with the intention of contacting your spirit guides, identifying each member of your spirit team, and working with them. I've included a Meet Your Spirit Team Workbook with this article for this exact purpose!

Have you met members of your spirit team? Please share and do let me know if I've missed out a type of guide!


Interested in getting to know your spirit guides? Download my workbook to follow a meditation excercise and discover all the members of your spirit team.